Message: “Repairers Of The Breach: Thyatira (5 of 9)” from Pastor Chris Buttery

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 02/04/2017

Repairers Of The Breach: Thyatira (5 of 9)

History attests to the accuracy of what the Apostle Paul said, when he wrote that after his death there would be a falling away from truth in the church. Not only would there be great compromise, but great apostasy would also come. The letter to the church of Thyatira predicted that this time would come under the symbolism of Jezebel.  But who was she and what in her life paints a prophetic picture of the middle ages church? Why does it matter today?

Scripture References: 2 Thessalonians 2:3

From Series: "Repairers Of The Breach"

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