Meet Our Ministry Team

Rob Benardo, Senior Pastor

Pastor Rob calls his story “Bound for Freedom”:

As a youth he was seemingly “bound” by hanging out with the wrong people and doing worldly things, when all along God had in mind freedom from the chains that enslaved him. From growing up in southern Florida and moving to Southern California, Pastor Rob was introduced to the Adventist message by a blind Chiropractor and soon after, went off to college at Hartland college in Virginia and then Andrews University in Michigan receiving his masters in pastoral ministry. Pastor Rob has studied special education at the master’s level. He was also a real estate broker in North Carolina, and owned a development company called Ciani Enterprises. He and his wife Olga have two wonderful daughters – Amaris and Alexia. Pastor Rob enjoys spending time with God in the outdoors, in studying His Word, and in writing poetry.


                      Pastor Rob’s 5 big goal (categories) are:

                              G - Kingdom Growth
                              L - Leadership Development
                              O - Orphans and Widows (care for)
                              R - Deep Spiritual Revival
                              I - Iteration and Innovation

                              Pastor Rob Benardo
                              Sacramento Central
                              Seventh-day Adventist Church
                              God's Glory - My Greatest Joy

MIKE THOMPSON, Associate Pastor

Pastor Mike was born in York, England. At twenty-two years of age, he gave up a promising show business career, as a rock singer, and became a Seventh-day Adventist. In 1970 Mike entered the York School of Nursing where he received his RN license, and also met his future wife, Helen.

In 1974 Mike and Helen moved to Newbold College where Mike studied Theology until 1978. For the next nineteen years, the Thompson family worked in various places, including medical missionary work in Belize, Central America. Mike has also been a hospital chaplain and health educator.

Prior to coming to Sacramento Central Church in 1998, Pastor Mike worked at the Grand Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oakland, California. Helen works for Amazing Facts, and they have two grown daughters, Rachel and Debbie, and five grandchildren.

Pastor Mike enjoys: history, reading, walking, gardening, drawing, writing, and, most of all, spending time with his grandchildren: Emma, Anne, Andrew, Jack and William.