Meet Our Ministry Team

CHRIS BUTTERY, Senior Pastor

Pastor Chris was born in Port Lincoln, Australia as the middle child to an itinerant family. While heavily involved in athletics, sports, and performing arts while a child and youth Chris fostered a longing to be a successful architect.

After a couple of events that shook his world, Chris surrendered his life to Jesus at the age of eighteen. While studying architecture part time and working as a full-time restaurant production manager, God called Chris to enter full-time ministry.

Referring to himself as the “reluctant minister” he completed his ministerial training in the United States, graduating from Hartland College as a pastoral evangelism major.

In 1998 he married Jennifer, who at the time was a multi-grade elementary teacher.

They lived in Toronto, Canada working with the Ontario Conference for seven years to help grow a vibrant adult and youth evangelistic outreach and literature ministry with the Home Health Education Service and Canada Youth Challenge. It was here that all three of their children were born: Aaron, Joanna, and Abigail.

Starting in 2005, Pastor Chris began working with the Pennsylvania Conference serving several lively churches near the Scranton and then the State College area.

Toward the end of 2012 he received a call from the Northern California Conference to work as an associate at Sacramento Central serving as Family Life and Evangelism pastor.

In the spring of 2014 Pastor Chris was invited to be the lead pastor for Sacramento Central, a responsibility he has described as “huge and humbling.”

Pastor Chris’s vision for ministry includes leading, teaching and growing members to be engaged in discipling others for Jesus, and instilling in each a passion for sharing the “everlasting gospel.”

When he has some downtime Pastor Chris enjoys staying active, reading and catching up on current events, trying his hand at playing the guitar, and enjoying his family.

MIKE THOMPSON, Associate Pastor

Pastor Mike was born in York, England. At twenty-two years of age, he gave up a promising show business career, as a rock singer, and became a Seventh-day Adventist. In 1970 Mike entered the York School of Nursing where he received his RN license, and also met his future wife, Helen.

In 1974 Mike and Helen moved to Newbold College where Mike studied Theology until 1978. For the next nineteen years, the Thompson family worked in various places, including medical missionary work in Belize, Central America. Mike has also been a hospital chaplain and health educator.

Prior to coming to Sacramento Central Church in 1998, Pastor Mike worked at the Grand Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oakland, California. Helen works for Amazing Facts, and they have two grown daughters, Rachel and Debbie, and five grandchildren.

Pastor Mike enjoys: history, reading, walking, gardening, drawing, writing, and, most of all, spending time with his grandchildren: Emma, Anne, Andrew, Jack and William.

FRED DANA, Associate Pastor

Pastor Fred was born and raised in a large Adventist family in the countryside of central Massachusetts. He is the middle child of seven siblings. After graduating from Atlantic Union College in 1980, Fred took an elementary teacher position at the Middletown church school in New York where he met and eventually married Lorrie Fee.

Over the next 15 years, Fred also taught in schools in Indiana, Vermont, Florida and Virginia. He’s worked with every grade level from kindergarten to seniors in college. During that time, Fred and Lorrie raised a son and a daughter, Jared and Emily, who were just coming to their teen years when Fred received a call to pastor in Iowa.

After several years passed, they had the opportunity to move back to New York where Fred pastored the Middletown church where Lorrie grew up and where they were married. While in New York, Fred did his Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry.

With Jared getting married and starting a family in Wisconsin (two children), eventually the Dana’s took up work in the mid-west in 2010. From there they came to Sacramento in the summer of 2015. Their daughter, Emily, also lives in California. She is married, has one child, and lives in San Diego.

Fred is a fun loving person who enjoys people, and contemplating on how God works in our lives. He loves learning history, singing, bike riding, walking with Lorrie, being in the woods, and outdoor adventures with children. He sees Lorrie as his best friend, sweetheart, and an amazing cook.

Pastor Dana is the pastor for Discipleship and Family Life here at SacCentral. His passion is for members to learn and grow in their Bible understanding and Christian experience. He wants to see as many people as possible participating in and enjoying the life of the church. People readily experience personal growth in a healthy and happy community of believers that truly love each other. And, such a healthy fellowship will draw in others so that numerical growth will seem natural. Yet, that growth is the result of following Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct our lives.

CANDICE TUAZON, Youth-Young Adult Worker

Candice Tuazon dared to live life “on the edge”.

Whether skydiving, dangling her feet atop Half Dome, or doing headstands on cliffs, she determined to never let any fear conquer her.

Until one day at the edge of a precipice—broken, empty, and angry—she came face-to-face with another fear she didn’t realize dominated her being—the fear of completely surrendering her heart to an unknown God.

Instead of taking her life that day, Candice decided to lose a life of comfort and ease to find real life in Jesus.

She is currently climbing new heights working with the youth and young adults at Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Prior to joining the team, she taught at SOULS West, the Pacific Union’s two-year Bible and Leadership college in Prescott, AZ.

She enjoys journaling, music, being out in nature, and staying active with her husband Michael and son Brighton.

JEANN DAVIS, Bible Worker

JeAnn was born in Lodi, CA to an Adventist family. She loved Jesus as a child. At age 11, she attended evangelistic meetings and was baptized. JeAnn was so on fire for Jesus that right then she knew that she wanted to be an Evangelist and go out and tell everyone about Jesus, give bible studies and lead evangelistic meetings! But she was told that she was too young. Very disappointed at this news she felt the pain of rejection.

As a teenager, she began listening to dance and rock music not realizing that this music would separate her from God. It made her very rebellious and the world seemed like an amusement park full of fun and exciting new things. The devil crept in through the music and took control of her life without her even knowing it.

For years she was living life in the fast lane, not realizing her choices were leading her to eternal death. But by the grace and power of Jesus, God had a plan and a purpose for her life. One day God spoke to her and told her that if He came that day she would be lost forever. She knew that He was right. She had fallen so far away from God. She realized how desperately she needed Jesus to take control of her life, so she cried out to Jesus to rescue her and through many miracles He did!

In the darkest part of her life, JeAnn was given an Amazing Facts Bible Study Guide which began to turn her life around forever. It was like gold in her hands! She will never forget that day! Ever since then her life has completely changed!

For the last 15 years JeAnn has been involved in ministry, singing and speaking-sharing God’s Word through sermons and testimony in many churches, also singing for and helping run evangelistic seminars, outreach seminars, small group bible studies, door-to-door evangelism, and singing and speaking at camp meetings and retreats.

In September 2010, the Lord blessed her with a husband, Matthew Davis, who also has a passion and love for the Lord and is involved in ministry. Together they enjoy working for the Lord leading various Bible studies, seminars and making eternal friends for Jesus by sharing His love.

In August 2011, JeAnn felt led to attend the (AFCOE) Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Program and graduated in December. Since attending AFCOE her passion to share Jesus and to help build the heavenly kingdom has increased even more!

In May 2012, JeAnn began her ministry here at Sacramento Central, as our Bible Worker, and now the same Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides that saved her life she is using to save the lives of many others.

If you or anyone you know would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus and begin a new life with Him, please call JeAnn at (209) 200-6138 for Bible studies.