Message: “Repairers Of The Breach: Smyrna (3 of 9)” from Pastor Fred Dana

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Pastor Fred Dana - 01/21/2017

Repairers Of The Breach: Smyrna (3 of 9)

I's been said that compromise comes gradually. In the ancient story of Cyprian of Carthage we see a Christian man, a bishop of the 2nd century, who meant well but because of trying to fix a problem using human means rather than waiting on God, a foundation was laid for what would later lead the church toward compromising Biblical truth and the purity of the gospel. What missteps were taken that would lead to larger compromises later on? What Biblical truths would be watered down to pave the way for man-made traditions to take over?

Scripture References: 2 Timothy 3:12-15

From Series: "Repairers Of The Breach"

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