Message: “Engage” from Wayne Blakely

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Wayne Blakely - 03/25/2017


Gay and transgender rights is currently without a question a hot political potato. If an opinion is shared that is contrary to the opposition, then accusations are hurled and the process of public shaming begins. But the issue of homosexuality is much bigger than many realize. How would Jesus treat someone if they just declared that they had come out of the proverbial closet? What, if any, is the hope for someone who is confused about their identity? What is the appropriate response a Christian can give toward someone who is struggling with their emotions? What is God's solution for the brokenness we witness in society today? Listen now as guest presenter, Wayne Blakely from Coming Out Ministries, explores these questions and more in this vital presentation.

Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 5:17

From Series: "Central Sermons"

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