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Did you get your copy of the 2016 March/April Central Connection? They are available here on saccentral.orgThe March/April 2016 “Central Connection” is an informative issue containing helpful articles on Spring cleaning our lives, one by Aline Henda entitled, 5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life, one by Kristine Butler entitled, Cleaning Your Spiritual Life, by Karen Medeiros entitled, Improving Your Health For A New You, by Ruthie Flynn, Spring Cleaning Your Clothes Closet, and by Pastor Chris entitled, New Life. This issue highlights the 3rd Annual Church Retreat At Leoni Meadows in March with guest speaker, Elder Randy Skeete, written by Tyra Taylor.   Plus, there are two inspirational articles.  Hope Beale writes about the power of prayer during the ’10 Days Of Prayer’ in which Sacramento Central church members participated in January, entitled A Call To Prayer.  And Andre Hope gives his testimony of God’s power in his life as God gives him the strength and resolve to observe the Sabbath while in the Army, entitled Who Are You?.   There is also a delicious Spicy Garbanzo Bean and Vegetable Topping recipe, we hope you’ll enjoy.

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