Meditation, Mind & Spirituality Myths vs. Facts

Meditation, Mind & Spirituality Myths vs. Facts, Friday June 22 and Sabbath June 23, 2018, speaker Kok Tho Yip.Guest speaker Kok Tho Yip will be here at Sacramento Central on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM and then on Sabbath, June 23 at 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. The Bible, neuroscience and eastern beliefs are brought to converge to contrast authentic Biblical meditation with eastern and hybridized Christian meditation.  Friday he will cover Neuroscience of the Brain & Mind in Meditation, then Sabbath he will answer the questions “Are there Eastern beliefs in the hybrid versions of Christian contemplation?” and “Where is the Hybridization of Eastern & Christian meditation takin us?”

Neuroscience reveals the same brain response from “harmless” meditative practices in both churches & eastern temples – leading to mystical experiences.  Which Christian meditation practices are free of mystical neural phenomena?
As meditation becomes popular – penetrating Christianity, self-help transformational movements, Mindfulness for depression & stress therapy and in schools for our children – where is it taking us?
Research shows how we benefit by activating brain regions responsible for love, hope and optimism.  Does eastern meditation activate these brain regions?
How did King David meditate in Psalms 19? What are the spiritual benefits and outcomes when we also do it right?


Kok Tho Yip was a Zen meditator for 20 years before converting to Christianity.  His International appearances include: Dr. Neal Nedley’s EQ Summit USA, 3ABN TV Australia, 3ABN USA upcoming documentary on modern spiritualism, and speaking in US, Cananda, Australia, Korea, and Asia.

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