God’s Character & The Final Generation Symposium

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event! So many misunderstandings, so many untruths. What is the truth about God’s Character & the Final Generation? Find out starting Friday, March 22 @ 7PM and again on Sabbath, March 23 all day as our guest speakers unpack these vital issues. Presentations include (PDT):

Friday @ 7PM Dr. Norman McNulty – Why Jesus Waits

Friday @ 8PM Pastor Dennis Priebe – The Trojan Horse

Sabbath @ 11AM Pastor Dennis Priebe – God At Risk!

Sabbath @ 2PM Pastor Larry Kirkpatrick – New Books, Old Error

Sabbath @ 3PM Dr. Gerard Damsteegt – Living Without A Mediator

Sabbath @ 4PM Pastor Larry Kirkpatrick – Humanity & Divinity Combined

Sabbath @ 5PM Dr. Norman McNulty – End Time Soul Winners

Sabbath @ 6 PM Panel Q&A – Moderator Pastor Mike Thompson – Presenters

There will be a general potluck for lunch and a book/DVD sale after sundown. This event will be live streamed for all those living out of town (http://livestream.com/saccentral/events/3378356)

If you have questions for the panel, please text (805) 729-1754. Event questions will be taken at (916) 457-6511.

We look forward to sharing in this time together.

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  1. Jackelin Brooks : February 20, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    I do not understand why a few my fellow church members are hesitant to listen to these types of messages. Please pray for us!

    • Unfortunately these messages have been given a bad rap recently as well as misrepresented. People are being told that these messages lead to legalism and self-focus, something that is simply not true. Will be praying. Courage to you.

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