Discover Your Divine Design

Discover Your Divine Design, your Spiritual gifts from GodEvery Christian wants to know God’s ultimate purpose for their life. In the words of inspired author Ellen White we are encouraged that there “is [a] special place designated on earth where we are to work for God.” – Christ Object Lessons, p. 326, 327. While many know this they struggle to see how they can best fit in and serve within the body of Christ. This practical seminar is geared to matching who you are with areas of ministry, and to help you reach your full potential for the kingdom of God. No need to wonder anymore; you have been given a divine design!

We welcome you to listen to the 2015 Discover Your Divine Design Seminar recordings and fill out the worksheets to discover the blessings that God has given you to use and share in the ministry of His work.

Title Recorded Handouts
1. Who Do You Think You Are?

God Knows.

Audio Presentation Worksheet 1
A Servant Audit
Definitions for Model 1
2. What Are The Pieces Of Your Puzzle?

Looking at the Big Picture.

Audio Presentation Worksheet 2
Character Assessment for Women
Character Assessment for Men
3. Discovering Your Divine Design.

Putting the Pieces Together.

Audio Presentation Worksheet 3
Giftability Inventory
Passion Indicator
Temperament Indicator
Natural Gifts and Abilities Indicator
4. Putting It To The Test.

The Work of Faith

Audio Presentation Worksheet 4

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