Gender Matters

Apparently a radical feminist group has identified the enemy, and it’s…LEGOs?  What caused this controversy?  Recently, the new “LEGO Friends”; designed to appeal to little girls, hit the market.  According to this feminist group the LadyFigs (or lady figurines) looked too much like women and reflected a “stereotyping of preferred pastimes for girls.”  The LEGO kits didn’t include women working on construction crews, or training for the army, for example.  The leading spokesperson for the group lamented that, “…it just disturbs us that this is the image that they [LEGO] want girls to see."

Huh?  They don’t want girls knowing what it means to be a girl?  Dr. Leonard Sax, author of "Why Gender Matters" has said, “These particular women's groups are disconnected from reality in their desire to promote the idea that these gender differences are taught by the patriarchy or through socialization."  And he’s right.

Since the 1960s social engineers in the United States have been tampering with sex role definitions...

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This Week (June 15 to 20): 

Tuesday @ 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting with Pastor Chris Buttery– “Dedicated Deacons – Acts 6”

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - Spanish Group Prayer Meeting

Various L.I.F.E. groups (in-home small group Bible studies) take place across Sacramento. To locate one near you contact our small groups’ coordinator Richard Anger @ (916) 681-3990

Sabbath @ 9:00 AM - Morning Manna – Ivan Martinez

Sabbath @ 9:30 AM - Central Study Hour with Pastor Chris Buttery + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School Classes

Sabbath @ 10:50 AM - Worship Service with Pastor Chris Buttery 

Sabbath @ 1:00 PM - New Believers Luncheon


Central Events

Youth Outreach Week: This week, Monday through Friday from 1:30 to 6:30 PM all Central youth (and friends) are invited to join Pastor Michael Butler for an exciting week of service and outreach in our local community.  For more details, please contact Pastor Michael at or (423) 362-0907.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is coming soon! Please mark your calendars for July 6-10, 2015 for Central’s annual VBS.  Invite your neighbor’s children to come along with you.  Evening schedule, flyers, and additional information are coming soon.

Central Matters

Pastor Search Update: We have been in talks with the Northern California Conference for about a year to ascertain whether Central qualifies for a fourth pastor to be a part of the ministerial team.  Recently, conference administration informed us that a position had opened up which would allow Central to add another pastor to the team. An interview with a potential candidate has been scheduled with the church board for Wednesday, June 24.  We ask that you pray for God’s leading in this matter as we continue to build our ministerial team for a stronger and more effective ministry for Jesus.

Please keep our thrift store in your prayers. The store is undergoing a “face-lift” both externally and internally to make it a more viable ministry. More exciting news to come shortly!

We extend our sincerest condolences to the family of Isudora Oliva Chilldres, lovingly known by her church family as Dora, went to her rest in Jesus on Sunday, June 7 2015.  Isudora's funeral was held this past Thursday.  With along with the family, anxiously await the return of the Lord when those asleep in Jesus will rise to sleep no more.

Student Financial Aid Forms should all be turned in to the church office by now.  However, if yours is still outstanding we are extending for THIS WEEK ONLY – so get yours in!

Important Survey: Our local church (along with others) has been selected to conduct an important survey spearheaded by the North American Division.  If you are a member of Sacramento Central please go the following link to complete the survey.  It should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

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News & Announcements

U.S. Supreme Court voted 8-1 this week, in favor of a case that examined whether an employer could refuse to hire an applicant based on their religious practices and observances. The Seventh-day Adventist Church filed an amicus brief, or friend of the court brief with other faith groups, in the case of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) v. Abercrombie and Fitch Stores, Inc. “We are extremely pleased with today’s opinion. It was a good decision for religious liberty, not just for Samantha Elauf, but for people of all faiths,” said Todd McFarland, associate general counsel for the Adventist world church. “We are also pleased that the Court, in its opinion, relied upon arguments the Adventist Church raised in our amicus brief.”  Church leaders are encouraged that the Supreme Court reinforced the importance of religious liberty and hope the decision will lead to additional protections for employees and job applicants.  Click here to read more.

Amazing Facts Bible School is in need of volunteers to grade Bible Studies. If interested please contact Nikki at (916) 209-7220.

100 Days of Prayer for the 2015 General Conference (GC) Session began March 25 and will continue through to the end of the GC Session on July 11. Pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be fully experienced by our church members and leaders during the GC Session.


Over the past few months a lot of information has been circulated on the topic of women’s ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, an important topic that at its very core has to do with maintaining the church’s historical methods of Bible study.  

The question being asked right now is, “Who can be vested with ‘full ecclesiastical authority’ (Acts of the Apostles, p. 160) in the Seventh-day Adventist Church according to the Bible?”  It is a question about gospel order; whether we will maintain that order that says men have been given the humbling responsibility of spiritual leadership in the home as priest and in the church as elder/minister, or whether that order will be obliterated.  The current debate is not about whether women can minister to others.  That they certainly can and must do. 

To help you understand the issues, we are providing several resources below that we believe will be valuable to you as you study the issue out for yourself.