Debt Crisis, Part 4

$540 million: That was the record jackpot countless American’s were holding their breath to win on March 30, 2012 during the Mega Million’s lottery drawing.  It had people lining up at convenience stores across the country to buy their chance at unimaginable wealth.  It was an astronomical figure.  To give you an idea; if you earned $100,000 a year, the jackpot would pay your salary for 5,400 years.  Of course, the odds weren't exactly on everybody’s side.  They were 175 million to one against the ticket holder.  

I’m not a gambling man, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either, but not a soul living on planet earth can buy their chance at the incredible offer God holds out to all...

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This Week (May 11 to May 16): 

Tuesday @ 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting with Pastor Chris – “In the Upper Room – Acts 1”

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - Spanish Group Prayer Meeting

Various L.I.F.E. groups (in-home small group Bible studies) take place across Sacramento. To locate one near you contact our small groups’ coordinator Richard Anger @ (916) 681-3990

Sabbath @ 9:00 AM - Morning Manna – JeAnn Davis

Sabbath @ 9:30 AM - Central Study Hour with Pastor Chris Buttery + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School Classes

Sabbath @ 10:50 AM - Worship Service with Pastor Chris Buttery – Between Two Truths, Again

Sabbath @ 1:00 PM – Men & Women’s Ministries luncheon

Sabbath @ 2:00 PM - Discipleship University with Pastor Chris & JeAnn Davis


Join us for Central’s Annual Family Life Retreat, May 29 to 31, 2015 at The Leoni Meadows Christian Retreat Center, 6100 Leoni Road, Grizzly Flats, CA 95636. This year’s theme is “Lord, Send Your Rain” with keynote speaker Pastor Stephen Bohr, who is the Senior Pastor of the Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Special guest presenters will include Alice Merrill, NCC Assistant Director of Family Ministry, the ministry Little Light Studios, and Allen Davis, Executive Vice President of Amazing Facts. Presentation topics include: Healthy Communication between Couples, The Impact of the Media in Christian Homes, and more.

For registration forms click here or contact Central Church at (916) 457.6511 /, or Family Life Ministry Chair, Tyra Taylor at (916) 230-3938. 

Making Friends For God Seminar - Join Pastor Chris Buttery and JeAnn Davis this Sabbath, May 16 and again on May 23 @ 2 PM as they teach us how to make relationships that will last forever. You don’t want to miss this event designed to help “each one, reach one” for the soon return of Christ.

Student Financial Aid Forms are now available! These request forms are for parents who would like to send their children to a Seventh-day Adventist school but require some assistance to do so. Pick up your copy in the church lobby.

We wish to welcome Lynnette Stansfield to the office of Communications Secretary for the Sacramento Central Church.  The Communication Secretary is responsible for the gathering and dissemination of church news to the local church, the local conference, and the general public where pertinent.

New Nominating Committee formed. We are pleased to welcome Ray Rengifo, Jeff Kramer, Jan Nichols, Richard Anger, Nathan Earnest, Dona Lauer, and Shirley Hope who were chosen by the church to form the new Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee exists to study the needs of the church and carefully considers the fitness of a member to fill a particular ministry leadership position.

You're invited to the Dominican Republic: Join Ray and Elizabeth Rengifo for a Maranatha mission trip September 10 to 20, 2015. To learn more pick up a flyer at the hostess desk in the church lobby.


BULLETIN BOARD - An assortment of happenings, announcements, and resources from around the Seventh-day Adventist Church

News & Announcements

100 Days of Prayer for the 2015 General Conference (GC) Session began March 25 and will continue through to the end of the GC Session on July 11. Pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be fully experienced by our church members and leaders during the GC Session.

Get on the bus to General Conference in San Antonio, Texas July 8 to 13, 2015. The bus will be leaving early Wednesday evening July 8 and returning Monday July, 13. There are two Northern California locations to leave from: the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sacramento and Market Street Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oakland.  The deadline is June 20 or until there are no vacancies in the hotels or the bus. Age limit is 12 years and up.  Seniors and retirees are encouraged to join the trip.  The hotel is 100% smoke-free and is an All-Suite Hotel with refrigerator, microwave, and indoor pool.  Call Taylor's Tours (TT) for details and a flyer at (562) 217-2979.

ADRA Helping Victims of the Recent Earthquake. To learn more about what ADRA is doing and how you can support them go to.

Registration for NARLA's Annual Religious Liberty Summit. Join the North American Religious Liberty Association's Summit, May 15 to 18, in Silver Spring, MD. NARLA plans an inspiring weekend filled with religious liberty training and information sessions, spiritual emphasis and testimony, American history tour, Capitol Hill legislative office visits, and a banquet featuring Liberty magazine editor, Lincoln Steed. Due to capacity limits for several of the activities, attendance at this year's Summit is limited to 50 individuals so register now


The Vanishing Protestant by Charles Lawson examines the political climate fifteen years into the twenty-first century in regard to religious freedom.  To order your copy click here.

A View of the Adventist Historic Village from Fox17 News.  Enjoy this 3-minute segment from Fox17 News in West Michigan on the Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, MI. It's a well-done piece that tells about the things visitors will see and experience when they visit.