Dear friend.

Not too long ago Australia launched an aggressive advertising campaign to attract 18-30 year-olds to its shore.  Entitled “Six Best Jobs in the World” it offered to give away six six-month salary packages worth $100,000 including living costs. 

As you can imagine it received widespread recognition.  Over 330,000 applications were received from 196 countries.  In the end six individuals finally received their temporary dream job.

While working amidst Australian wildlife, colorful landscapes, and comfortable climates might sound inviting, we (your pastors) would like to consider that serving our friends and Christian family here at Central is truly a dream job.

It has been an absolute delight to serve you this past year.  We believe we work among the kindest and most pleasant people we know, which makes what we do all the more enjoyable.  There is no question that God’s favor shines on Central.

As we look back over the past year we can say that God has truly led and blessed us.  He has been faithful to us.  We can be confident in knowing that God will continue to be so as we look to him and trust His grace.

At this time of year, we pray that Jesus will be especially close to you and that your life will reveal His goodness as you give to others as He gave to us, when “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” (John 3:16)

May the coming new year see the realization of the dreams God has put in your heart.

Pastors Chris Buttery, Mike Thompson, & Michael Butler

PS - If you're interested in having a little fun with the family this holiday season, click here to check your knowledge of the Christmas story.