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I’m sure I am not the first parent, or last for that matter, to discover how difficult it is for children to accept advice.  Sometimes I’m left to wonder whether the counsel was really that good, especially if it wasn’t well received!  But then I’m quickly reminded of how I was when I was their age, and I have my answer.  Actually, you don’t have to be a child or a teenager to have a hard time accepting good advice.  Due to our inherent natures, even adults struggle with doing what we know is right.

The wise man lamented: “But you have set at naught all my counsel and would none of my reproof.” (Proverbs 1:25)  His father, King David, even had to advise us to “not walk in the counsel of the ungodly” but instead, to delight in God’s law (Psalm 1:1, 2).  

We would be further ahead if we... 

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This Week (November 3 to 8): Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Prayer Meeting with JeAnn Davis – The Tremendous Transaction; Sabbath @ 9:00 AM Morning Manna – Tammey Steenson; @ 9:30 AM - Central Study Hour with Pastor Chris Buttery + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School; @ 10:50 AM - Worship Service with Pastor Chris Buttery – Seven Dips In Dirty Water + Communion

Thank You! A huge thank you to Larry and Marilee Walker, their two children, and several of our members for the outstanding job they did of organizing a successful art sale this past Sunday.  Approximately $6,000 has been raised for our media ministry so far, but it’s not over yet.  For those who couldn’t attend we will be highlighting different paintings for the next few weeks so you can still participate. This week we're offering some beautiful landscape paintings. Go to to learn more, or call the church office to see the paintings for yourself and let's see if we can reach the $10,000 mark which will help us reach our goal for our media ministry fundraising campaign. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers.

Welcome! We are so happy to welcome the following new members to our church family.  They are Nany Ong, Stephen Bielik, and Norma Limp (an online member).   Please give them a warm Central welcome!

“Turkey” Rolls at YNTS: Your Neighbor Thrift Store (YNTS) has partnered with the local Adventist Book Center to provide various vegetarian food options for everyone, including vegetarian “turkey” rolls for the holiday season. YNTS is open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM, Friday 10 AM to 4 PM, and Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM.  

Sweet Potatoes To Go: The Weimar Farm has more seconds sweet potatoes than they know what to do with. The seconds are just slightly blemished sweet potatoes which make them unmarketable.  However, they are every bit as good as the firsts.  They are selling them at $1/lb and are certified organic (normally $2.50/lb).  They have three different varieties and are requiring a minimum order of 20lbs.  Andrew Fields will make a delivery to Central on Sunday, November 9.  To place your order email  With Thanksgiving coming up you can't afford to miss this great opportunity. Cash or check accepted.

Central Study Hour: Want to get involved in the recording of the Central Study Hour? All you have to do is email your question or comment to before 8 p.m. on the Thursday night, along with your name (first and last) and a contact telephone number. If your question/comment is approved (it must be related to that week's lesson) you will be notified by Friday evening and asked to share your thoughts with the class that Sabbath. If you would prefer your question/comment be read for you, please indicate that in your email.  Thank you for your willingness to get involved and we’ll see you early this coming Sabbath!

Central Study Hour Continues on 3ABN! 3ABN will continue airing Central Study Hour on their Proclaim! channel at the following times: Friday evenings @ 8 p.m. (PT) and Sabbath mornings @ 6 a.m. (PT). You can also view the final product of Central Study Hour by going to and clicking on the “CSH” banner on the home page. 

On Sacramento Faith TV: Receiving the Word (Central's worship messages) is being aired on Sac Faith TV (Ch. 14 - AT&T U-Verse; Ch. 19 – Consolidated Communications; Ch. 20 - Comcast) on Sunday morning's @ 11 a.m. and Wednesday evenings @ 8:30 p.m. These will also be made available on our own website – Thank you for your continued support of Central's media ministry. Without it we would not be where we are today. 

Visit Our Website! Central’s new website has been up and running now for over a month. The address hasn’t changed (it’s still but the look and some of the features have. Our new site offers a calendar of events; a sign-up to start receiving The Happenings newsletter; a link to Pastor Chris' blog postings; a new and updated ministries page; archived Central Study Hour and worship programs, and more! Tell everyone where they can go to learn what’s happening at Central!


BULLETIN BOARD - An assortment of happenings, announcements, and resources from around the Seventh-day Adventist Church

News & Announcements

Landmarks of Prophecy: This new epic Bible study adventure from Amazing Facts, hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor, is being broadcast live from Albuquerque, New Mexico for the next couple of weeks.  To view the evening programs go to, or

Pray One Million is the new North American Division (NAD) Prayer Ministries initiative.  What would happen if every NAD church member would spend just one minute a day praying for one specific person!  We need to pray more for those we care about, for those who are missing, those who are leading, those struggling through challenges: in short for everyone we want to see in heaven! That would include a lot of people!  If even half of NAD’s members made the commitment to spend only one minute each day in prayer over the next three or four months we would storm the gates of heaven with more than a million hours of focused intercession. For more information go to 

Highlights from the recent Annual Council:

Suggested revisions to Adventist Church Manual include matters on discipline

Adventist leaders approve new administrative unit in Central America

Oakwood constituents back transfer to NAD

Adventist Church sets vote on women’s ordination for next July

Church leaders urged to hire pastors, not administrators

Annual Council adopts recommended edits to Fundamental Beliefs

Church membership reaches 18.1 million

Wilson says Satan trying to destroy Adventist Church

Ebola deaths include 16 Adventists in West Africa

Day two of Annual Council is preamble to next year’s election, women’s ordination vote

Surfer pastor, clinics, literature outreach are evangelism highlights this year

Annual Council opens with focus on healthful living, appeal for diplomacy


Three Days Before The Sun: Attorney, Warren Johns undercuts popular theories of evolution with common sense and penetrating logic.  He indicts Darwinism as a fairytale for grownups and backs up his judgment with well-crafter arguments based on real science. His book is a timely contribution to the Creation conversation within our church and beyond. Click here to learn more. 

Ebola: Public Health Physician Explains Why Feds' Lack of Full Disclosure is Feeding Fears

Evading Ebola, a newly released book by David DeRose, MD,MPH, is already providing new hope in the face of rampant Ebola fears.  DeRose shares encouraging research that has heretofore been absent from our national dialogue; namely, the good news about “inapparent infections.”  In short, DeRose provides evidence that thousands of West Africans have been infected with the Ebola virus—but never became ill.  This all points to some very good news:  It is likely we too can be exposed to Ebola and remain symptom free. To order your copy click here. 



Dear friend,

We would like to warmly welcome you to Central Happenings – a weekly e-newsletter from your pastoral staff to inform, update, and keep in touch.

It was George Bernard Shaw who once quipped, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Ask anyone and they will tell you how true this is.  Healthy communication is a prerequisite to healthy relationships, and no less for the church family.

We plan to make Central Happenings a pithy and relevant read with the obvious goal to simply communicate.  You can expect each edition to contain:

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