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This Week:

Tuesday  7:00PM      Revelation with Pastor Chris                         Chapel      

Friday     7:00PM      Revelation with JeAnn Davis                         Chapel

Sabbath  9:00AM      Morning Manna with Andrew Jones                Church

              9:30AM      Central Study Hour with Pastor Mike             Church

                               Children’s SS Classes                                   Classrooms

             10:50AM     Worship Service with Pastor Chris Church

                               Revelation Seminar Graduation

Pastoral Search Update: The newly elected Pastoral Search Committee has been busy working through a variety of potential candidates, sent in by you the members, for the senior pastoral position at Central.  Their goal has been to present to the board the names of 4 to 5 individuals who have indicated their interest in being selected for the position. 

Additional qualifying characteristics recently adopted by the board include: 1) Five years of pastoral experience (senior position preferable); 2) must be age 35 years or older; and 3) preferably married.

This week the church board will be reviewing those names with the hope of recommending the church’s preference for senior pastor to the attending NCC representative.  Please continue to pray for God’s will to prevail as the selection process continues. 

Central’s Media Ministry: Recently the Media Study Committee brought more information to the Finance Committee and board for review.  No decision was made regarding the purchase of video equipment, but further discussion ensued, including the idea of broadening Central’s live streaming capabilities by equipping the Chapel and Camellia Room with cameras.  Your prayers are still needed as all angles are investigated and we look to staff the media ministry.

Your Neighbor Thrift Store needs you!  Have you been for a visit lately?  Are you aware of all the wonderful things happening?  Stop in this week and see for yourself.  Remember, all proceeds go to fund our local community services and Winter Sanctuary.

Central Food Closet.  The Nominating Committee is currently looking for an individual or married couple that would be interested in spearheading this very vital ministry to the less fortunate under our care.  Please contact Buddy Harper, Central’s Community Service leader or Helen Thompson, Nominating Committee Chairperson, for more information or to indicate your interest. 

Welcome! We are excited to present Ed Grant as Central’s new Personal Ministries leader and David and Leticia Karn as Central’s new Youth Ministries leaders.  They were recently voted in by the church-at-large to fill these much needed positions.  Please lift them up in prayer as they start in and get adjusted to their new roles.  To learn more about these positions and to download your very own copy of the Church Manual, please visit http://www.adventist.org/information/church-manual/.

Israel In Prophecy: Recently Central’s board approved the request to invite Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media to hold a 4-part series on Israel in Bible prophecy.  The scheduled dates are set for May 8 to 10.  More exciting information soon to follow!

Star Of Bethlehem Christmas concert DVD is available to order at www.CentralChristmas.com.  DVDs are not available in the media distribution room.

Discover Revelation CDs and DVDs are still available.  You can order by calling or emailing the church office.  They are great for sharing with family and friends!

Pastor’s Blog

My taste in clothing has fluctuated over the years.  Coming to America in the early 90’s added to this trend. 

I couldn't find the right style and patterns I was accustomed to in my home country.  I quickly discovered that certain collared shirts in the southern U.S. (where I lived at the time) had a distinct look to them, and because I wanted to wear shirts I was stuck with them.  I’m not a striped or checkered shirt fan because I don’t believe they look good on me.  But alas, it seemed these were my options at the time. 

It wasn't long after I started purchasing and wearing these shirts that I realized what they lacked in style they made up for in spunk.  I was especially fond of one shirt in particular.  It said, “Wrinkle resistant” on the tag.  You could throw it in the wash, let it go through the spin cycle, pop it in the dryer, and it would come out looking semi-pressed and smart.  Because it saved me time from having to iron, naturally I wore it as often as I could.  What person wouldn't?

Having a wrinkle resistant shirt did make me wonder occasionally whether I was like that when faced with life’s challenging situations and people.  Did I crinkle when trials came my way?  Was my naturally inclination to crumple when things went wrong?  Or did I remain calm and composed no matter what? 

I thought about Jesus.  How did He handle life’s “rinse cycles?”  Did He fold under pressure?  What was His attitude like when He was confronted with trying situations?  For certainly, no one has ever been called to undergo the stress and strain that Jesus had to endure. 

It wasn't long afterward when I was reading the Bible one day that I came across these prophetic words that told of the way Jesus would approach difficult situations and difficult people when He would come to live as a man:

“For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded; therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know I shall not be ashamed.” (Isaiah 50:7) 

How impressive!  Jesus was purely determined to not turn to the left or to the right in order to honor and obey His Father in his bearing and behavior.

When the context of this verse is read, you find Jesus would speak these words when enduring virulent attacks on His character and His person.  Jesus would remain firm and unmoved while the waves of personal attacks and hate beat on Him.  He would remain “wrinkle resistant” while being run through one spin cycle after the other. 

What an example of poise and pureness!  They would say and do what they wanted to Him, but nothing would upset or disturb His connection with His Father.  Jesus truly rested in His Father’s care and concern for Him.

Do you find that it doesn't require much effort to get offended?  Do you get easily disturbed when someone says or does something you don’t like?  Do you get all “wrinkled up” when you are disagreed with?  We haven’t nearly begun to undergo what our Savior went through; yet how ready we are to fall apart! 

Perhaps it’s time we ask Jesus to clothe us in a wrinkle resistant character so nothing will be able to remove us from the Father’s side.  Perhaps it’s time we ask the Lord to help us to set our faces like flint so that when trouble comes we won’t be moved.  I know I’ll be asking.  How about you?

To read more of Pastor Chris’ blogs go to pastorchris11.blogspot.com.

Central News & Happenings

Pastor Harold & Dorreen White would like to extend a deep, heart-felt thank you to everyone for the wonderful cards, e-mails, phone calls, text messages, and well-wishes they’ve received after announcing his retirement.  In Pastor Harold’s words: “What a joy to serve Sac Central for 11 years and minister to such a wonderful family!” 

Central’s Media Ministry: Recently the church board appointed a “Media Study Committee” with the task to report what it would take to continue a viable media ministry at Central.   A couple of weeks ago the committee gave their report to the board highlighting costs for a bronze, silver, and gold media package, including time and volunteer commitments. Two things came out of that initial meeting:

1. Approval to replace sound equipment that Central currently uses but belongs to Amazing Facts.  That investment will cost the church thousands of dollars so your donations toward media ministry at this time would be greatly appreciated.

2. The need for further research to be done on the quality of proposed camera equipment.  Both the finance and media study committees are planning to meet soon to review the new findings.  A board meeting is also scheduled for this week to look at and process the data coming in.

While we might be able to acquire new media equipment, the big question is whether Central will have the help needed to produce TV quality material.  At the very least we desire to continue recording for Central’s vibrant CD/DVD ministry and live stream Sabbath School and church.  However, if we can get production up to snuff Central’s programming could be used on local TV as well as 3ABN Proclaim, and possibly Hope Channel.  This means Central can continue to have a wider impact in the proclamation of the everlasting gospel, which has been the church’s vision for years.  Please join us as we pray and look for individuals to help.

Senior Pastor Search: Recently the church board commissioned a “Search Committee” to do some groundwork in the selection of a new senior pastor.  They have met twice already and will report their findings to the board once they have completed their task.  At that time a Conference representative will join the process to bring the search to its conclusion.  While this could be a lengthy process, the committee and board are seeking to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Please continue to pray that God’s will be revealed during this process.

Youth Pastor Search: Since the sudden departure of our previous youth pastor the pastoral staff have been actively searching for a someone to fill this role.  The search was initially delayed due to not knowing whether the position would be a local hire or Conference hire.  Once we received word that the Conference would hire a youth pastor for Central we went to work looking for the right person to bring to Central.  We came close to selecting an individual at the end of 2013 but through circumstances out of our control we lost the opportunity.  About a dozen names have been recommended for the youth pastor position since then so we will continue to work deliberately to fill this important position as quickly as possible.  Please continue to commit this process to prayer as well.

Let’s Welcome Jonathan Duffy, CEO, ADRA International this coming Sabbath. He will be presenting a special message for the worship hour that will change the way we think about the way we pray.

Discipleship University: Dr. Herbert Douglass will be joining us this Sabbath @ 2 p.m. for a stirring presentation on The Great Controversy Theme: The Heartbeat Of Adventism.  We trust you’ll be able to stay by.

Piano Concert: Please welcome our own, William Byas in concert, Sabbath afternoon, February 15 at 5:30 PM as he presents a wonderful piano concert.  Join us in the Sanctuary and invite your family and friends.

New happenings will be featured each week.

Bulletin Board


Thousands of people learned how to read and write thanks to the months-long efforts of Hope for Humanity, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and its church member volunteers in El Salvador. More than 2,500 held their literacy completion certificates high overhead during a special celebration held recently in Don Bosco Auditorium in Soyapango, San Salvador, El Salvador.  “Thanks to your help, the government’s partnership and other institutions, we have been able to lower the illiteracy rate from 17 percent to 13 percent earlier in the year,” said Angelica Paniagua, National Literacy Coordinator for the Ministry of Education in El Salvador. 

The Forever Faithful International Pathfinder Camporee registration deadline has been extended to March 1 in order to accommodate unusual weather conditions and the credit card ID theft problems experienced by Target and other retail store customers that have impacted the registration process. All Center for Youth Evangelism hotel room blocks are now full. The Leadership Orientation and Walk-Around meeting is scheduled for April 22 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

News will be featured each week as it becomes available.


Amazing Facts is excited to share with you an exciting evangelism-training program coming to Rocklin!  Amazing Facts will host AFCOE To Go session with a schedule especially designed for individuals who are unable to take time off work!  The cost for registration, course syllable, outreach materials, and the Empowered Church training manual is $125; however, if you call the registrar and tell her what church you attend you will receive a $25 discount!  Call (916) 434-3880 to register today!

Sacramento Adventist Academy Pre-School/Kindergarten Visitation Day - If you are a parent of a child that will be going into Pre-School or Kindergarten, you are invited to our Visitation Day on Friday, February 21. This event will go from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and parents will have the opportunity to meet teachers and administration, tour the campus, visit the classrooms, and explore the learning environment that is available for your kids. To reserve your space, call the school at (916) 481-2300. This is a time for parents to learn more about the school!

Robotics Challenge - Sacramento Adventist Academy will be hosting a FIRST LEGO League Tournament on Sunday, February 23. This event will be held from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the SAA gym at 5601 Winding Way, Carmichael. All are invited to come and experience this free event and learn more about SAA's Robotics program. This tournament will feature elementary/junior high student teams. If you would like to volunteer to help during the tournament, please contact Karen Robbins at (916) 726-7221.

Visitation Day at Orangevale SDA School is Wednesday, February 26 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Students who will be in grades Kindergarten through 8th and their parents are invited to check out the school. Please RSVP to (916) 988-4310. 

More and new programs will be featured each week.


In response to hundreds of surveys, a new parenting resource titled "Help! I'm a Parent: Christian Parenting in the Real World," has been created for parents with small children. 

The program kit is comprised of three major components: 1) Manual, with 10 interactive chapters that include an undergirding scriptural principle, group activities, discussion questions, ideas for practical implementation in your home, and Spirit of Prophecy counsel made relevant to today’s parents. 2) DVD Set, also with 10 segments to accompany the 10 chapters in the manual. 3) Web Support, providing updates, additional resources, parenting e-newsletter, and opportunities to submit questions and prayer requests at www.HelpImAParent.org and on Facebook

Great for parents, a small group at home, a large church group, prayer meeting, or Sabbath school class, and includes single parents, blended families, divorced couples that are co-parenting, and grandparents raising their grandchildren. Contact www.AdventSource.org or (402) 486-8800. Spanish version expected before the end of 2014.

Every Word, a new one-minute daily devotional presented by It Is Witten’s director/speaker, John Bradshaw, can be accessed www.itiswritten.com or “Like” It Is Written’s Facebook page to receive automatic updates.

Living Successfully in Our Day and Age Requires Serious Wisdom!  And now you can learn about true wisdom from one of the very best in the field—King Solomon—with Pastor Doug Batchelor’s newest devotional through the Proverbs!  Go to www.amazingfacts.org to order your copy today!

More and new resources will be featured each week.