I think I would be correct in assuming that a lot of people around the world enjoy a good fireworks show.  I’ll gladly admit that I’m one of them.  Although the magnificent, bright explosions of color in the sky coordinated with various compositions of music is extremely clever, I could happily watch a pyrotechnical display without sound.  It’s fantastic!  It makes me wonder, if a good firework display is impressive, what will the coming of Jesus be like! 

 Recently, I took my family to one of the largest firework displays in the United States right around the corner from where we used to live.  While we were waiting for the sun to set and the program to begin we were subjected to an interesting demonstration. Near where we were seated was a long...

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This Week (June 23 to 28): Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Prayer Meeting with JeAnn Davis – Be Perfect!; Sabbath @ 9:00 AM Morning Manna – Andrew Jones; @ 9:30 AM - Central Study Hour with Pastor Doug + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School; @ 10:50 AM - Worship Service with Pastor Mike.

Vacation Bible School has started! This year’s theme is “The Creator Is My Friend,” a journey through the seven days of creation. There are activities, creative crafts, Bible stories, health adventures, memory fun, and science experiments to enjoy. Contact Shirley Hope to get your child enrolled or if you wish to help @ (719) 580-2189 or shope3888@gmail.com

Memorial Service: Our dear brother Jonathan Bernard went to sleep in Jesus just the other week. A memorial service will be conducted for family and friends of Jonathan in Central’s sanctuary on Tuesday, June 24 @ 10 AM. Please remember Jonathan’s family in your prayers during this time.

Prayer Meeting is back and we’re picking up right where we left off. Come out Tuesday evenings at 7 PM for an hour of singing, Bible study, testimonies, and prayer as we continue our journey through The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 to 7) and learn what it’s going to take to stand through the last days.

Your Neighbor Thrift Store is in need of jeans, furniture and donations of sellable items! Call the thrift store at (916) 457-6500 to see how you can help! Volunteers are always needed; please consider giving some of your time for this worthy service.  Remember, profits go toward community services, including Winter Sanctuary.

Student scholarship forms are now available. Pick up your copy at the information rack next to the media room door of the church sanctuary. Remember, the deadline to turn your completed forms and all requested information is June 28.

“Samaritan Wheels” Good Samaritans are needed to help bring people to church. The four following things are all that is needed to get involved: love for church members that have no transportation; the willingness to bring one or two people to church that live near you; an automobile; and a zip code ☺ When you volunteer, we can match you with people in your zip code so you won’t have to go very far out of your way. We are also looking for people willing to provide transportation for Tuesday’s prayer meeting. Call Bill Stroud: (916) 801-2166 or (916) 972-1729. “An empty car seat is a terrible thing to waste” 

BULLETIN BOARD - An assortment of happenings, announcements, and resources from around the Seventh-day Adventist Church

News & Announcements

Overhaul of North American Publishing Houses: The Review and Herald and the Pacific Press publishing houses have approved the biggest restructuring in Adventist publishing’s 153-year history, embracing a plan that Adventist leaders hope will strengthen the Church’s U.S. digital presence and ensure the long-term viability of its publishing work. Click here to learn more.

In response to severe flooding, the Minnesota Conferenceis working to assist survivors with 800 Flood Buckets for clean-up. To donate, go to www.communityservices.organd select "Cleaning Supplies.”  In Nebraska, tornadoes and high winds have affected several communities, leaving areas with severe damage.Adventist Community Services (ACS) is active and helping in the affected areas.  Volunteers are not being requested to work in Pilger at this time. Watch for future notices as to when and where volunteers might be needed there. Donate online.

Local Camp Meeting Schedules: Soquel July 17 to 26; Redwood July 24 to August 2; Tahoe July 28 to August 2.


LLT Productions, based in California’s beautiful Napa Valley, is a non-profit 501(c)3 Christian organization dedicated to producing high quality documentary films on a wide variety of Christian subjects. Video programs, documentaries, printed materials, and television broadcasts from LLT Productions have enlightened and inspired people of many faiths and creeds all around the world. We invite you to explore LLT’s website and product listing for materials that would be a blessing to your life as well. http://lltproductions.com/

The Elephant in the Room: In this ground-breaking work, Pastor Dustin Hall draws from his experience in teaching biblical sexuality to diverse audiences. Never before has an author woven together the inspiring truths of Bible prophecy, the gospel, and the beauty of biblical sexuality with such clarity. Click here to review and/or order.


Dear friend,

We would like to warmly welcome you to Central Happenings – a weekly e-newsletter from your pastoral staff to inform, update, and keep in touch.

It was George Bernard Shaw who once quipped, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Ask anyone and they will tell you how true this is.  Healthy communication is a prerequisite to healthy relationships, and no less for the church family.

We plan to make Central Happenings a pithy and relevant read with the obvious goal to simply communicate.  You can expect each edition to contain:

Pastor’s Blog - a refreshing Biblical insight from your pastors.

Central News & Happenings – important info on news and events taking place at Central.

Bulletin Board – includes various news, resources, programs, and/or initiatives taking place in the Seventh-day Adventist Church locally and around the world that may impact you.

We trust you’ll find Central Happenings (not to be confused with The Central Connection put together by Central’s Communication Department) another great resource that will allow you to stay in touch with your church family.  As your pastoral staff we look forward to continuing to reach out to you, including through this new way, as we seek to press together for the work at hand and in preparation for the soon return of Jesus.

Your Pastoral Staff