Here Before

Ever found yourself at the same place you were earlier, wondering how you got there?  We’ve all had those times when we were lost (some prefer to say “misplaced”) and we drove past the same spot repeatedly in an attempt to get where we needed to be.  We’ve also had those life learning experiences where we go over the same ground because we didn’t quite “get it” the first time.  

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This Week (June 9 to 14): Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries with Pastor Mike – Daniel 9; Sabbath @ 9:00 AM Morning Manna – JeAnn Davis; @ 9:30 AM - Central Study Hour with Pastor Mike + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School; @ 10:45 AM - Worship Service with Pastor Chris – The Price to be a Prince(ss)

Pastoral Search Update: Since the appointment of the new senior pastor for Central the pastoral staff and the Northern California Conference have been working hard to fill existing pastoral vacancies at Central. We have good news! On July 10 the Conference and Central church board will be interviewing a prospective candidate to replace Pastor Harold. Considering all goes well we will then take the next steps to fill the Youth/Young Adult position. Please continue to pray that we might clearly see God’s will taking place as we work through this process.  More information to come later.

Pastoral Search Process: Many times the pastors are asked why the pastoral selection process takes so long. In brief we wish to review the process with you so you can understand why it takes the time it does.

When the pastoral staff selects a potential candidate that name is referred to the Conference (the hiring entity) where the administrators review the applicant’s resume and verifies the references. Once this has been completed (this could take a few weeks) and the feedback is positive, a date is set for two interviews – one with the Conference, and the other with the church. The interview date is set when the four administrators, church, and candidate can coordinate their schedules to meet. Naturally the date chosen isn’t always as soon as one would like it.  Upon successful completion of the interview process, if things go well, the candidate then needs to inform his church(es), locate a home, sell his current home, pack, and then move to beautiful Sacramento.

Congratulations: We would like to acknowledge the following graduations - Ruth Bahta, Alexandra Yan, Hannah Yan (from Hight School), Marcus Colmenares (from 8th Grade), and Tanya Hall (from college). May God guide and bless you in the next phase of your lives.


1. Central’s 2nd Annual Ministry Fair & Church-Wide Potluck: With ideal weather and a strong showing from Central members, the 2nd Annual Ministry Fair was a success.  More than 20 ministries were represented and a large number of members remained for the fellowship lunch and later toured the ministry booths.  Congratulations to the Health Ministries booth who received the highest votes for most attractive and friendly booth.  A special gift was awarded to the ministry to aid them in their outreach endeavors.  Plan now to attend next year’s event, which will take place at the same time!

2. Pathfinder Outing: A dozen or so Pathfinders along with their fearless leaders and a parent or two headed out to Calaveras Big Trees State Park for a 4-day camping experience last weekend.  The Pathfinders worked on honors, experienced some really big trees, and had a great time all in all.  If you have children between the ages of 10-15 talk with Pathfinder Director, Stacey Jaaskela ( about enrolling them in September.  You (and your child) will be glad you did!

3. Adventurer Investiture: Over 30 youngsters received their graduation pins and extra honor badges at this year’s Investiture Ceremony held on Sabbath, June 7.  How rejuvenating to be among that much energy (for a time at least!).  Many thanks to Amapola Francisco and her team for another great year of Adventurers!

Your Neighbor Thrift Store is in need of jeans, furniture and donations of sellable items! Call the thrift store at (916) 457-6500 to see how you can help! Volunteers are always needed, please consider using some of your time for this worthy service.

Buddy Harper is in need of good Christian books! Please drop off your good to slightly worn books at the church office or by the thrift store donation box so he can get them into the hands of those who need to read about Jesus. Please carefully consider what you can donate and bring your books!

Vacation Bible School is fast approaching! Mark your calendars for the week of June 23 to June 28, from 5:45pm to 8:15pm. This year’s theme is “The Creator Is My Friend,” a journey through the seven days of creation. There will be activities, creative crafts, Bible stories, health adventures, memory fun, and science experiments. Contact Shirley Hope for more info or if you wish to help @ (719) 580-2189 or

URGENT: A member of Central, Alice Neuman, is looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks.  She is in transition and is in urgent need of your help.  If you know of anything that might be available please contact the church office @ (916) 457-6511. Thank you!

We are happy to announce that Tyra Taylor will stay on as Family Life Leader until further notice.  Thank you Tyra!

BULLETIN BOARD - An assortment of happenings, announcements, and resources from around the Seventh-day Adventist Church

News & Announcements

Adventist’s in the News: Gallup names Adventist health system the “best place to work.” To read more go here.

Adventist Leaders in Germany Apologize for World War 1 Stance: The apology, rad at a rare gathering of the two dissenting sides of the German church, signals a possible step toward reconciliation. Click here to read more.

Ordination Study Concludes with Suggestions for "The Way Forward": TOSC (Theology of Ordination Study Committee) group considered hermeneutical, historical questions, and prepared study materials. To more go here and here.

Health & Healing Crusade: From June 13 to 15 enjoy an invigorating health camp at the Lodi Grape Festival (413 East Lockeford St., Lodi, CA) with speakers Stephen Bohr, Danny Vierra, and more. To register go to

GYC West: Coming to Weimar, CA June 18 to 22. This years theme: I Am: The Conflict Continues. For more information go to  

The Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) met for its annual 10-day ACF Institute, held at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska this year. ACF helps Adventist students who are attending non-Adventist colleges/universities to launch, grow and sustain an Adventist ministry on their campus. Under the direction of ACF/NAD Volunteer Coordinator Ron Pickell, the ACF Institute attendees received training in the area of ministry philosophy; campus practices such as starting a ministry from scratch and developing an academic year ministry calendar; experiencing on-campus outreach and Christian apologetics to help strengthen their own faith.

See how Oklahoma church members are doing one year after the devastating tornado that flattened Moore, Oklahoma. Video can be viewed here.

Join a Webinar to plan ahead for Let's Move Day 2014. The free Webinar will be on June 24 at 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with more information about joining the Webinar. To register go here.


Adventist World: Stay in touch with what’s happening around your church around the world.

Facts with Hope: A health website especially for sharing with the public has been created by NAD Health Ministries. Facts with Hope will feature evidence-based health videos that can be shared on social media, linked on your websites and blogs, shown at church or used as a resource in presentations. A total of 12 videos on various aspects of health will be posted within the next month or so, and one or two videos will be added every month. Check it out and share.  


Dear friend,

We would like to warmly welcome you to Central Happenings – a weekly e-newsletter from your pastoral staff to inform, update, and keep in touch.

It was George Bernard Shaw who once quipped, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Ask anyone and they will tell you how true this is.  Healthy communication is a prerequisite to healthy relationships, and no less for the church family.

We plan to make Central Happenings a pithy and relevant read with the obvious goal to simply communicate.  You can expect each edition to contain:

Pastor’s Blog - a refreshing Biblical insight from your pastors.

Central News & Happenings – important info on news and events taking place at Central.

Bulletin Board – includes various news, resources, programs, and/or initiatives taking place in the Seventh-day Adventist Church locally and around the world that may impact you.

We trust you’ll find Central Happenings (not to be confused with The Central Connection put together by Central’s Communication Department) another great resource that will allow you to stay in touch with your church family.  As your pastoral staff we look forward to continuing to reach out to you, including through this new way, as we seek to press together for the work at hand and in preparation for the soon return of Jesus.

Your Pastoral Staff