Don't Judge a Skunk

Everyone knows that skunks can’t be trusted. Would you trust a skunk? We assume without question that skunks are bad, but are they really? Would you give a skunk a chance to prove otherwise? Sometimes, we view people in similar ways.

We can easily make assumptions about another as though they are facts. When a person doesn’t seem very friendly to us, we can assume, “She doesn’t like me.” Or, when a person didn’t respond nicely to something we said, we excuse ourselves from going to them with the thought, “he won’t listen to me,” or worse, “he will favor others over me to make me pay for it.” So, instead of trying to improve the relationship, there is a strong tendency to tell others about how he or she wasn’t nice. This in turn influences others to think badly of another.

Assumptions are easily made about people when we don’t have all the facts. Most people don’t see themselves as being critical of others or gossiping when they believe what they are saying is true. However, no matter how much we believe it to be the truth that isn’t the issue. Only small minds delight to criticize others. Satan jeers when he hears Christians finding fault with others, for he knows that this brings discouragement, envy, and strife.

Often, we focus on what is wrong with a person, someone that we find difficult to like, someone at work, a church member, a pastor, or maybe a pastor’s wife. We can get to where we see almost no good in the person at all. Kind of the way skunks are viewed. They aren’t good for much, and you sure can’t trust them. But just because things can go badly with a skunk if he defends himself with his special weapon, doesn’t mean that all the criticism and judging of a skunk is true.

One spring evening the Hoyt family were in their cabin eating supper, when through the open door stepped a black and white animal. Remembering his bad reputation, they hesitated not sure what to do. The dad slowly poured some milk in a bowl setting it on the table. He slowly pulled over a chair. Their guest, whom the later named Little Corporal, accepted the invitation.

From that time on he came for dinner frequently, always displaying the best of manners. If the door was closed, he’d thump his feet or utter little noises. Then one day he disappeared. How they missed his evening visits! Weeks later they heard the familiar thumping by the door. Opening the door, they found he had brought Mrs. Corporal and six babies.

Assuring his timid family, Little Corporal led them into the cabin. Mrs. Corporal, of course, was very worried and began thumping the floor and standing on her front feet. All the little ones followed her action. The Hoyt family held their breath, but their bad thoughts about skunks were groundless. Little Corporal climbed up on the chair and pounded the table for his milk, and the Hoyts quickly put bowls of milk on the floor for Mrs. Corporal and the kids while their Daddy ate in style. Frequently the skunks came to visit and enjoy their milk. Not once did they break the confidence of friendship. These friendly animals had no desire to leave their sickening odor in the Hoyt’s home. None of this would have been possible if the Hoyts didn’t see the good side of the skunks.

And, isn’t that true with how we see people? When we believe in the good in others, even the ones that we find challenging, then we are far more likely to see that good side. This is true whether it’s that difficult work associate, the pastor, or one from your own family.

Don’t condemn others. It is not for us to criticize or speak evil of anyone. Remember the skunk family when you are tempted to believe the worst about others. Never spread hearsay or idle gossip (even under the guise of concern). We have no right to judge anyone.

"Do not speak evil of one another, brethren. He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is one Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?" (James 4:11, 12)

by Pastor Fred Dana


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