Our media crew at Sacramento Central is a very special lot. And it’s for more than the very obvious reasons—at times they have to put up with me!

Now I don’t think I’m too difficult to get along with (most of the time!), but I can be a bit particular. I notice when things aren’t quite right. Like the time I was in the studio monitoring our performance over a few consecutive Sabbaths. I noticed, via the monitors, that some of the camera shots appeared to be out of focus, so I shared my observations with those responsible. However, the response I received wasn’t what I expected. No one seemed to believe me. But they would smile and thank me for sharing my concerns. I thought, “How can I help them see what I am seeing?”

A few months went by and it was well past time for me to visit the eye doctor. My eyes would burn after several hours of working on the computer. Even reading for an extended period of time made my eyes tired. During a standard visit I was prescribed glasses. When I put them on, everything was so much clearer. Frankly, I could see again!

Well, you know the rest of the story, or do you...

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10 Days of Prayer

Continues tonight through January 18. Your LIFE Group, family, or gathering can still access materials here. If you don't have a place to go, a small group is meeting in the Earliteen Room at the church from 7PM.


Prophecy, History & the United States

Join us January 18 as we welcome Peter Chung. Peter will be sharing three messages with us, including #ProphecyOverPolitics. He will speak for church, then from 2-4PM. Potluck will be served.


Appreciation Breakfast

Calling all church officers and ministry leaders! To show our appreciation for all that you do, we, your pastors, will be preparing a healthy and delicious breakfast for you on Sunday, January 19 from 9AM. See you there!


Winter Sanctuary

Our church will be partnering with H.A.R.T. to house 30 homeless people during the week of January 19-26. Please click here to sign up to help.


Annual Town Hall Meeting

Calling all Central members. Come talk to our pastors at our 2nd Annual Town Hall event on Sabbath, January 25 @ 1PM in the Camellia Room. There won't be a potluck, so please be sure to bring something to eat. You'll be glad you came.


TV Production & Camera Training

Want to be a part of a ministry that is making a difference in people’s lives? Want to use your talents in God’s work? Then Central's Media Ministry is looking for you! Join us in the sanctuary for our next training Wednesday, January 29 @ 6:45PM.


Operation Joash Update

We're thanking the Lord that the renovations to the Junior Room are done! Work continues on the Youth Room, but it won't be too long before it's also finished. To support our ongoing efforts with Operation Joash, please click here


Watch Us On TV!

Enjoy viewing Central’s flagship program, Central Study Hour Sabbath School Program, every Friday night at 7 PM and Sabbath morning at 6 AM (PST) on 3ABN Proclaim! It can also be viewed on our YouTube channel or website.


Mad About Marriage

Get a free weekly relationship tip via email from Pastor Mike Tucker for a healthier and happier marriage! To sign up for this FREE offer, click here.


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