We are excited to announce that Operation Joash is entering it's THIRD year at Sacramento Central! Join us for this incredible journey of faith. Please read below to learn more...



It's Not How You Start...

There have been some pretty great comebacks in sports history.

There’s the 2004 American League Championship Series in which the Boston Red Sox became the only team in baseball history to come back from a three-games-to-none deficit. There was also the University of Minnesota's football team, who once squandered a 31-point third quarter lead and allowed their opponents to come back and win in overtime. Many more examples could be given.

There’s a clear lesson here: it's not how you start; it's how you finish. It's easy to start well and then lose your focus and collapse. It's easy to lose your passion. It’s easy to go off course. It’s easy to lose momentum. But finishing well is a must.

Someone said, "If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not."

Ask Micah Herndon, Marine veteran, who was recently made famous when a picture of him crawling across the finish line of the Boston Marathon on his hands and knees went viral. He ran it to honor of three of his fallen comrades. Even though his body couldn’t run anymore, he had no intention of quitting that day.

When God’s people embark on a journey, no matter how long it takes them to complete it, they should remember: “it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.”

Inspiration reminds us: “The faith of him who is constantly advancing does not weaken…God’s true servants work with a determination that will not fail because the throne of grace is their constant dependence.” (Prophets & Kings, p. 660)

Operation Joash, Sacramento Central’s inspiring initiative to rebuild for tomorrow, was launched two years ago. We have made great strides, God is blessing, and we are running this race with perseverance with no intention to quit.


Milestones Reached

Operation Joash involves a 5-year evangelistic strategy and a vigorous church renovation program.

The goals for Year 2 were ambitious, but you were up to the task, and God graciously showed Himself strong on our behalf.

Notice how He blessed:

• 12-day prophecy seminar conducted (resulting in 10 decisions for baptisms & 20 Bible studies)

• 100+ people served during 2nd free health clinic

• Over 100,000 pieces of truth-filled literature shared through Light Sacramento!, Mass-Mailing Initiative (Phase I), and Youth Rush students

• 21 precious souls baptized/POF

• Over $165,000 raised for building projects

• New sanctuary HVAC system installed

• New fountain-arbor area built

• New storage area built

• Cradle Roll & Kindergarten Classrooms (& adjoining bathroom) remodeled

God has been good to us, and we can have the confidence that as we remain faithful to Him, He will remain faithful to us as we continue to rebuild for tomorrow.

“Them that honor me I will honor.” (1 Samuel 2:30)


Year 3 Goals

What are our prayer goals for Year Three (July 2019 to June 2020) of Operation Joash?

Rebuilding God’s Spiritual House

• Phase 2 of Mass-Mailing Initiative (Sabbath proclamation to every home in our territory)

• Serve 100+ people at our 3rd annual free health clinic

• Conduct a city-wide 4-week evangelistic series

• 45 precious souls baptized/POF

• Open 10 more L.I.F.E. groups across the city

Restoring God’s Physical House 

• Renovate & restore the Earliteen Classroom. To be completed in August 2019.

• Renovate & restore the Junior Classroom. To be completed in October 2019.

• Renovate & restore the Youth Classroom. To be completed in December 2019.

• Install Phone/Internet/Intercom/Security System. To be completed in 2019.

• Resurface Courtyard Pavement & Replace Planters. To be completed in 2020 as funds are available.

“And you shall be called the repairer of the breach.” (Isaiah 58:12)


Don't Quit!

There is still much to do in short time, and that’s why your continued commitment to God’s work at Sacramento Central is still needed.

Claim the following Bible promise, put it to the test, and see what God will do for you as you give financially like you’ve never given before:

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom.” (Luke 6:38)

What is the financial goal for Year Three of Operation Joash?

YEAR THREE GOAL (July 2019 – June 2020) = $100,000

Future plans include:

• Resurface classroom/ breezeway roof

• Resurface parking lot/driveway

• Replace parking lot trees & tree wells

• Renovate backstage change rooms

• Save for the eventual retiling of the sanctuary roof 


Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice

The strength of any fundraising endeavor is planned and systematic giving. To provide the best opportunity for the greatest participation and the achievement of a maximum goal, an annual, 52-week plan of giving has been adopted.You will again be asked to establish your own schedule of giving weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Please see attached “Pledge Card.”

Our request for planned giving has one fundamental principle: Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice. Decisions concerning the amount of the gift rest solely with you and/or your family.

What should you give? There’s just one answer: a generous, sacrificial gift…as much as your income will allow…an amount sufficient to represent your gift of appreciation to God. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering your gift toward Operation Joash.


Questions & Answers

Q. Why is our church involved in Operation Joash?

A. The ultimate goal is to allow Sacramento Central to continue to be a viable agency in the hand of God for the building up of His kingdom and for the hastening of the return of Jesus. Working together will allow us to discover and act upon God’s will in our lives regarding material things. We will grow spiritually, both individually and as a church family, by applying God’s methods for managing resources.

Q. How much are we trying to raise for Operation Joash?

A. We met our financial goal of $270,000 in Year 1. We again met our financial goal for Year 2, this time of $165,000 (praise the Lord). Our prayer goal for Year 3 is $100,000.

Q. How does the giving program work?

A. You will be asked to commit a sacrificial pledge again for Year 3 of the project. We anticipate that this will be above and beyond normal giving to Central.

Q. Will we be asked to pledge publicly?

A. No. Pledges are to be made at home. A pledge card has been made available. You are asked to return your pledge card within the next two weeks. You can mail it to the church, drop it in the church mail slot, or bring it to the sanctuary hostess desk.

Q. When will my pledge contributions begin?

A. As soon as you have determined what your gift will be. To stay on course, we hope everyone will have commenced his or her giving plan in July 2019.

Q. How do we make our contributions to Operation Joash?

A. You can put your gifts in the church tithe envelope under Operation Joash, or donate through our website – www.saccentral.org (click on the “donate” tab on the top of the page – credit card and recurring payment options are available).

Q. Can I change my pledge later on?

A. Yes. Some will be blessed so that they can increase their pledge. Unforeseen circumstances might force some to lower their pledge.

Q. If I should fall behind on my pledge will the church make efforts to make me pay?

A. No. The purpose of the pledge card is so that the church can have an indication of approximately how much we can expect so that we will be able to know how and when to proceed with the various projects.

Q. Can I give assets other than cash?

A. Yes. There are tremendous tax advantages in giving assets other than cash. Those might be stocks, bonds, property, or other holdings.

Q. How can I become better acquainted with Operation Joash?

A. Please visit our website – www.saccentral.org/operation-joash/ where you will find everything Operation Joash.



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