A Tribute to Mothers

One of the greatest privileges that a woman has is to carry a little one in the womb and finally give birth. No man knows the thrill of feeling the baby inside move for the first time or any other time. If his wife tells him, a man can know that the little one in the womb responds to the sound of his voice. And he may be able feel the baby move with his hand. He can share the joy with his wife, but never really experience it like she does.

What’s even more amazing is that the little one in the womb can be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that was the case with John the Baptist while in the womb of Elizabeth, his mother (Luke 1:15). This is likely only possible if the mother is living the sanctified life. Luke 1:6 tells us that Elizabeth was righteous and blameless before the Lord. If the Holy Spirit is dwelling in the mother, it seems certain that the Holy Spirit also has access to the life in her womb. So, the mother’s influence for good on her child can begin before the birth. A godly mother is a great advantage for any child. In Psalm 71:6 David says, “By thee have I been holden up from the womb.”

There are some notable mothers in the Bible. Some are known for being wicked, such as Maachah (see 1 Kings 15:11-13), Jezebel, and Herodias. Some are known for being godly mothers, such as Jochebed, the mother of Moses, Hannah, the mother of Samuel, the widow of Zarephath, Elizabeth, and of course, Mary, the mother of Jesus. Jochebed’s influence is a factor in everything Moses did. Through him she had a far reaching and profound impact on the history of the world. And Mary’s influence as the teacher and mother of the Saviour of the world is without parallel. What an incredible honor and responsibility was hers! And Jesus had a special place in His heart for His mother.

In Luke 7:11-17 we find that one day in Jesus’ ministry, He and His disciples and many others were approaching the city of Nain. A funeral procession was coming out of the city. A widow had lost her only son. There were sounds of mourning and sobbing. “It was a sight to awaken sympathy.” The lonely widow “was following to the grave her sole earthly support and comfort.” Jesus had compassion on her and said, “Weep not.” Jesus was about to change her grief to joy, yet he could not forbear this expression of tender sympathy (DA 318).

Then Jesus touched the bier. That little gesture stopped everyone in their tracks and caused all the mourners to become perfectly silent. It was known all around that Jesus “had banished disease and vanquished demons; was death also subject to His power?” Jesus said to the widow’s son, “Young man, I say to thee, arise.” His eyes opened. Jesus takes his hand, and lifts him up, and presents him to his mother. Can you imagine the embrace she gave her son? As all watch this embrace, a reverent hush holds the crowd spellbound for a little while. Then that “funeral train returned to Nain as a triumphal procession” praising God. Jesus brought joy to a grieving mother, which brought joy to everyone.

Does Jesus care for grieving mothers like this still today? We know He does! “He is touched with sympathy for our grief. His heart, that loved and pitied, is a heart of unchangeable tenderness…To all who believe on Him He is still a living Savior” (DA 319).

Jesus had great compassion for His own mother. While she had the great honor of being the mother of Jesus, there was also much sorrow for her. This sorrow was grief unfathomable as she witnessed the soldiers pounding the spikes nailing Him to the cross. In John 19:25 she is standing by the cross. John has brought her up closer. She could not endure to remain away from her son. John knew the end was near so he helped her approach the cross. Jesus saw her and although He was dying in agony, He thought of her grief and her needs. In verses 26 and 27 referring to John, Jesus says to His mother, “Woman, behold thy son,” and to John, “Behold thy mother.” What does this mean?

Jesus knew that “He was enshrined in the heart of John, and He gave His mother to him as a precious legacy.” What “she most needed” was “the tender sympathy of one who loved her because she loved Jesus. And in receiving her as a sacred trust, John was receiving a great blessing. She was a constant reminder of his beloved Master” (DA 752).

It is not hard to imagine John taking Mary to his home and tenderly caring for her as a son would his own mother. In the midst of bearing the burden of the sins of the world, in excruciating suffering, Jesus’ provision for His mother shows the value, respect, and compassion that God has for mothers. Should we not follow Jesus’ example and show all mothers that same value, respect, and compassion? 

Fred Dana, Associate Pastor


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