In The Abstract Or Concrete?

A man had just put the finishing touches on a fresh concrete driveway. He went inside to enjoy a glass of lemonade when, to his horror, he saw his little neighbor boy playing in the fresh concrete. He went outside and yelled angrily at the boy. After he had fixed the concrete and come back inside, his wife said, “Why did you yell at him? I thought you loved little boys.” The man replied, “I love little boys in the abstract, but I don’t like them in the concrete.”

Many Christians are like that when it comes to spiritual truth. We love it in the abstract, but we don’t like it in the concrete. When truth gets too specific, when it means that I actually need to change my life,...

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Steps To Better Health

Join Dr. George Luh and his team for four exceptional nights of discovery and wonder to learn the scientific and biblical secrets to experience your best life now. Classes run from July 9 to 12, starting at 7 PM each night in the Camellia Room.


Agape Communion

Join us for this special time of sharing in the Lord's Supper together, Friday, July 13, starting at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in the Camellia Room.


Vacation Bible School - Team Jesus!

Join Team Jesus this summer for this special one-day event on Sunday, July 15th from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. Bring your child and invite their friends! Contact the church for more information.


Join Us For Amazing Prophecies!

This 12-night, fast-paced, thrilling, multi-digital, free seminar will acquaint you with the major prophecies of the Bible. This is a general public event. All are welcome to attend. Seminar begins, Friday July 27 @ 7 PM.



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