When Trials Come

When trials come what do you do? When the worries and cares of this world seem to be mounting, when there are issues at work with your peers, or with your boss, when your children don’t seem to be making the best choices, when family members seem to be at odds with each other, again, or when someone you care about is on the brink of life lost, What do you turn to?

Recently, as I was walking through a difficult time of my life, I also noticed others going through something difficult as well. Then, I came across a verse I have read many times but this time it hit me in a different way:

1 Corinthians 3,4; says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the coffer with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

As I was reading and praying for wisdom and discernment in my own life, and looking to claim the promises that are afforded to each of us, God comforted me with this very verse. 

Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians, writing from Macedonia, confronts the sad state of affairs of the church. Open rebellion had occurred and questions regarding his apostleship and leadership came up.

This is a man who seeks in some way to defend his position as apostle to those in rebellion at the Corinthian Church. Yet, his very first words after the formal greeting are the verses above. He describes God as the “Father of mercies” and the “God of all comfort.” Paul a scholar and an intellectual juggernaut among the Jews and Gentiles sees through the filter of his own experience a God who comforts.

When afflictions arise, and when our backs are against the wall, there is a God in Heaven who is ready and waiting to comfort. When we are troubled on all sides there is a God who is there pouring out the mercies of Heaven on your behalf. When all have forsaken you and you are at your lowest, there is a God who much like the best of fathers, comes along side their lonely, distraught, and weak little child and wraps his arms of love around them. 

Many years ago my earthly father did that for me. I was reminded of this while thinking of those verses not long ago. I was going through a divorce, losing my daughter in a custody battle and all the rest. My father sat there in the dark as I poured out my heart to him, with all the anger, confusion, frustration, pain, and sorrow that came along with it. He sat there, just listening, in the dark as I lay on the couch in his living room. He came over to sit on the couch near me and just gave me a hug. Before then, I was lost in a world of confusion and pain. Before that moment all I could do was shout for understanding, saying, why? It was then I felt the most at peace for months.

There is nothing like a Father who cares and comforts. Yet in a greater sense we can experience this more fully from our Heavenly Father. The God of all comforts.

Paul continues to expound on the God that has comforted him. He says God comforts us “so that we may be able to comfort those who are in ANY affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

A person I saw encircled by a shadow of pain sat alone in our church courtyard. I am not certain I would have sat with them, had I not been walking through my own valley. I could see myself in that person. I wanted them to sense the same love, mercy, and comfort I was experiencing. It was a good talk. That is all I will say about that. We have the opportunity to not only experience the power of comfort from God, but also be a part of the comfort others can experience as well. Will you choose to look to God during those low days, weeks, months or even years? If you do, you’ll notice others who are waiting to enjoy what you are experiencing.

My challenge for you today is, turn to God, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort, and He will challenge you to do the same for someone else.

Michael Butler, Associate Pastor


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