We are excited to announce that Operation Joash is entering it's second year at Sacramento Central! Join us for this incredible journey of faith. Please read below to learn more...



They'll Never Get It Stopped!

Nothing keeps something going like momentum. I recently read the following delightful little story:

“It was in the 1800s [the century the steam-powered locomotive was introduced], and an old man was standing at the new railway station watching as the steam engine was starting to shoot puffs of steam up and into the air. He muttered under his breath to his companion, ‘They’ll never get it started. They’ll never get it started.’

“Then the whistle blew and the powerful engine began to turn its wheels. The seemingly immovable monstrosity started to edge forward little by little until it picked up speed, and before long the only evidence of its existence were the billowing puffs of smoke that could be faintly seen in the distance. It was at that point that the old man turned once again to his companion and said, ‘They’ll never get it stopped. They’ll never get it stopped.’ "

The power of momentum!

That’s why a train traveling 55 mph on a railroad track can crash through a 5-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete wall without stopping. That same train, starting from a stationary position, would not be able to go through an inch-thick block in front of the driving wheel.

Someone wrote, “It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It's a lack of momentum. Without momentum, even a tiny obstacle can prevent you from moving forward. With momentum, you'll navigate through problems and barely even notice them.”

Momentum is also vital to the success of any audacious plan that God’s people undertake. The servant of the Lord has said, “The time has come when a new impetus must be given to the work [of God].” – ST, May 26, 1890

Operation Joash, Sacramento Central’s daring initiative to rebuild and restore God’s spiritual and physical house, was launched a year ago. Over the last 12 months, incredible gains have been made toward our prayer goals. God has been blessing, and His people have been responding. What has been achieved thus far?


Central's Birthday Gifts

Operation Joash involves a vigorous 5-year evangelistic program and an equally robust building program, which, when completed, will give Sacramento Central that solid platform to continue to operate a highly successful ministry from (see Operation Joash: Ready For Launch brochure for more information).

God showered His gifts on Sacramento Central during the first year of Operation Joash (May, 2017 to April 2018). Our 130th birthday prayer list was ambitious, but it was no match for God’s generosity. Here’s how God blessed:

• Request: 20 precious souls baptized/POF. Answer to Prayer: 21 precious souls baptized/POF.

• Request: Launch small groups initiative. Answer to Prayer: 18 groups started.

• Request: Launch free annual community dental/vision clinic. Answer to Prayer: 200+ people served during 1st clinic.

• Request: Raise $270,000 for building projects. Answer to Prayer: Total raised!

• Request: Repair classroom/breezeway roof. Answer to Prayer: 5-year guarantee, no leak repair done.

• Request: Receive & decide on sanctuary HVAC bids. Answer to Prayer: 3 bids reviewed, 1 plan accepted, $250,000 saved.

• Request: Primary Sabbath School classroom renovation. Answer to Prayer: Completed!

What a way to commemorate our 130th birthday! Would it be too much to ask God to do more for His people after He has already done so much?


Maintaining the Momentum

Under the inspiring leadership of King Joash, extensive repairs to the ancient temple were vigorously initiated and were eventually completed. The Bible records that the workers had momentum when they made those repairs and as a result the job was completed: “So the workmen labored, and the work was completed by them; they restored the house of God to its original condition and reinforced it.” (2 Chronicles 24:13)

It’s never a good idea to lose momentum. It’s hard to start after you’ve stopped. Those who have begun an exercise routine know that when they were on a roll and then stopped found it incredibly difficult to start again.

When Nehemiah rallied the inhabitants of Jerusalem to rebuild the city walls that had been down for over 160 years, he understood the power of momentum. In spite of opposition and difficulty, he inspired everyone to continue the work until it was accomplished. With God’s help and a little momentum, they built the wall in just 52 days!

God has done great things for us during Year One of Operation Joash (and we are certainly glad for this). Is there any reason to doubt that He will not continue to help us in this worthwhile endeavor?


Year Two Goals

As “repairer[s] of the breach” (Isa. 58:12), the plan is to continue the proclamation of the everlasting gospel to build up God’s spiritual house, and restore our physical premises to its original condition during Year Two of Operation Joash.

Here are our prayer goals for year two (May 2018 to April 2019):

Building God’s Spiritual House

• Increase truth-filled literature distribution through Youth Rush & Mass-Mailing initiative 

• Run 2nd annual free dental/vision clinic for the community

• Conduct a 2-week prophecy seminar for the city of Sacramento

• 25 precious souls baptized/POF 

• Develop existing 18 L.I.F.E. groups

• Open 10 more L.I.F.E. groups across Sacramento

While there are extensive repairs to be done on the premises that will require dedicated financing by the church, these initiatives will also need your generous support. Our Evangelism Fund will need a little TLC during this time.

Restoring God’s Physical House

• Replace courtyard fountain with added landscaping. To be completed by the end of June 2018

• Installation of sanctuary HVAC system. To be completed by the end of October 2018.

• Renovate & restore the Cradle Roll & Kindergarten classrooms, along with adjoining restroom. To be completed by the end of January 2019.

• Renovate & restore the Junior Classroom. To be completed by April 2019.

Without having officially entered Year Two of Operation Joash, God has blessed us with a $30,000 head start and a $250,000 reduction on the cost of the sanctuary HVAC system. Isn’t God good?


Don't Succumb to Giving Paralysis!

There is still much to do in a short time, and that’s why your continued commitment to God’s work at Sacramento Central is still needed.

Apart from replacing the sanctuary HVAC system, we also need to:

• Resurface classroom/ breezeway roof (as opposed to the recent repair performed)

• Renovate 5 more Sabbath School classrooms

• Resurface parking lot/driveway • Resurface courtyard

• Repair/replace tree wells

• Renovate change rooms

• Save for the eventual retiling of the sanctuary roof

UPDATED 5-Year Funding Goal $1,000,000 (5-year total goal) - 270,000 (total raised in Year One) = 730,000 – (NEW total needed)

Year Two Goal (May 2018 – April 2019) = $165,000 ($30,000 already raised!) This amount will be needed to replace the courtyard fountain with added landscaping, and to renovate the Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, and Junior classrooms.

The Bible shares this wonderful promise: “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.” (Proverbs 11:25) Interestingly, the more one tends to withhold, the greater the chances that what was dreaded will happen. “There is one who scatters, yet increases more; and there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty.” (Proverbs 11:24)

Now is not the time to succumb to giving paralysis. Now, more than ever, the furthering and finishing of God’s work demands we open our hearts to His cause.


Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice

The strength of any fundraising endeavor is planned and systematic giving. To provide the best opportunity for the greatest participation and the achievement of a maximum goal, an annual, 52-week plan of giving has been adopted. You will again be asked to establish your own schedule of giving weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Our request for planned giving has one fundamental principle: Not Equal Giving, But Equal Sacrifice. Decisions concerning the amount of the gift rest solely with you and/or your family.

What should you give? There’s just one answer – a generous, sacrificial gift…as much as your income will allow…an amount sufficient to represent your gift of appreciation to God as you express your thanks for all He has given you. Only you, your family, and God can make the right decision.

“The spirit of Christian liberality will strengthen as it is exercised, and will not need to be unhealthfully stimulated [demanded from another]. All who possess this spirit, the spirit of Christ, will with cheerful alacrity [enthusiasm] press their gifts into the Lord’s treasury. Inspired by love for Christ and for the souls for whom He has died, they feel an intense earnestness to act their part with fidelity.” (The Review and Herald, May 16, 1893)

Thank you for prayerfully considering your gift toward Operation Joash.


Questions & Answers

Q. Why is our church involved in Operation Joash?

A. The ultimate goal is to allow Sacramento Central to continue to be a viable agency in the hand of God for the building up of His kingdom and for the hastening of the return of Jesus. Working together will allow us to discover and act upon God’s will in our lives regarding material things. We will grow spiritually, both individually and as a church family, by applying God’s methods for managing resources.

Q. How much are we trying to raise for Operation Joash?

A. We raised $270,000 in Year One (praise the Lord). Our prayer goal for Year Two is $165,000. Our 5-year goal is $1 million.

Q. How does the giving program work?

A. You will be asked to commit a sacrificial pledge again for Year Two of the project. We anticipate that this will be above and beyond normal giving to Central.

Q. Will we be asked to pledge publicly?

A. No. Pledges are to be made at home. A pledge card has been made available. You are asked to return your pledge card within the next two weeks. You can mail it to the church, drop it in the church mail slot, or bring it to the sanctuary hostess desk.

Q. When will my pledge contributions begin?

A. As soon as you have determined what your gift will be. To stay on course, we hope everyone will have commenced his or her giving plan before the end of May 2018.

Q. How do we make our contributions to Operation Joash?

A. You can put your gifts in the church tithe envelope under Operation Joash, or donate through our website – www.saccentral.org (click on the “donate” tab on the top of the page – credit card and recurring payment options are available).

Q. Can I change my pledge later on?

A. Yes. Some will be blessed so that they can increase their pledge. Unforeseen circumstances might force some to lower their pledge.

Q. If I should fall behind on my pledge will the church make efforts to make me pay?

A. No. The purpose of the pledge card is so that the church can have an indication of approximately how much we can expect so that we will be able to know how and when to proceed with the various projects.

Q. Can I give assets other than cash?

A. Yes. There are tremendous tax advantages in giving assets other than cash. Those might be stocks, bonds, property, or other holdings.

Q. How can I become better acquainted with Operation Joash?

A. Please visit our website – www.saccentral.org/operation-joash/ where you will find everything Operation Joash.



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