Illusion or Reality?

Have you ever had a dream that was so real you thought that was your reality? When you woke you either wished it was or were relieved it wasn’t?

Well, I found myself in an interesting dream I will never forget. It was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had. I wasn’t doing anything of note or with super human abilities. I was in the kitchen at my Grandmother’s house in Washington state. I was cooking food for Kristine. I went into the living room to provide the fresh finished dish with plate and utensils in hand. She was sitting in my Grandfather’s recliner (which he would never allow) with two twin little girls in her arms. I didn’t recognize them.

I asked her who they were. She gave me this look of bewilderment and replied with confusion, “They are my husband's children.” I quickly responded, “They aren’t my children!” With even more confusion on her face she said, “We aren’t married you know.” I was broken. I tried to explain to her that this experience was merely a dream, that it wasn’t real, that this wasn't our true reality! I told her things about our relationship and how God lead us together. None of my explanations worked. I told her about my love for her and how special she was to me. I explained the times when I showered her with gifts, letters, notes, and treats. It seemed to fall on deaf ears. She said directly, “I am married!” with emphasis to connote we were not!

My heart began to break more and more. While she fed the twin girls, I continued with tact and fervency to tell her of the reality of my love for her. "This isn’t real.” “This isn’t real.” “This isn’t real.” I kept saying.

Her husband arrived, opening the door, I stood up to greet him. We shook hands. He was very nice to me. It was an overwhelmingly vivid moment that I recall wanting to run away from. The husband walked in with his two boys he picked up from school, into the kitchen and asked for food. I gave them what was left and sat on the couch facing the living room bay window. I was listening to the birds outside wishing for it to end. The husband was loving and affectionate to Kristine as they sat on the living room floor and my heart was shattered at this point. I put my head down in heartbreak and started crying.

I woke up! Finally, I was in reality. My heart was racing and actual tears on the side of my face as I lay there, chest pounding. After a few moments I fell asleep again! I was right back in the thick of the dream, right were I left off. I saw his love and care for Kristine and I saw her loving acceptance. The children were very nice and the home that looked like my grandmother’s house was updated with a shabby chic style. I would want to live there I thought. It was a nice place to be. Everything was great for Kristine in this world, she seemed happy.

It was 6:30 am when I woke up from it at last. Most of the time I dismiss dreams because of the crazy unrealistic nature of the dream, but this was different. I prayed and opened my Bible for understanding and clues. I asked myself, “Does this even matter? If so, is there a lesson? What did I eat last night?

As I was mining the word and praying for clarity, a question popped in my mind, “Who are you?” I thought that was a silly question, of course I am me. Still, I asked myself, who am I in this dream? This is what I understood.

I was Kristine, more directly, we all are types of Kristine. The people of the world (you and I included) are involved in a psuedo-reality. One that is so vivid, attractive, and filled with enjoyment and “love.” Christ steps into our world, this reality/realm, and describes in detail the real love and joy you have with Him if you would just believe that HE is your husband! With great words and passion He pours out His heart to each Kristine out there, telling of His matchless love towards you and the true reality that awaits anyone who believes they are the bride of Christ.

BUT, this world and its reality is so beautiful to us. It has put many in a trance of sorts. People are happy to live here. The comforts of this world are all we need. Thus we sacrifice our own soul for a world that will soon pass away (1 John 2:17). Jesus is coming soon and many of our people are caught up in the affairs of this world.

Many have lost sight of the trials and affliction of others because of accepting this world as their reality. Many neglect their own family's spiritual welfare because they accept this world as their reality. Many spend gross amounts of hours on frivolous things because they accept this world as their reality. Many have laid treasures deep in the ground of this world where moth and rust destroy and thus our hearts are firmly planted here on earth.

Will you heed the pleas of the bridegroom? He calls each of us out of this world, to see it for what it is and to help proclaim the true reality that awaits the ones who do the will of the Father. If you accept, do you accept the consequences of following the will of God, becoming His bride as well? Are you willing to lose your wealth, life, family, friends, and material things for His cause?

If we choose to accept the reality of scripture and all its teachings then we take all of the consequences with it. In turn if we neglect to accept the truths of the Word of God, then we are also accepting the consequences of living outside of its protections.

My prayer is that He opens our eyes to see the truth and we accept Him with all is blessings and consequences no matter the cost.

What say you?

Michael Butler, Youth-Young Adult Pastor

Matt. 6:19, 20; 2 Kings 6:17; 2 Tim. 4:13; 1 John 2:6; Eph. 5:16-29


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