The Seemingly Insignificant

When Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the cathedral door in Wittenberg in 1517 he was following a well established custom. A church door was a common place to pin a notice. His historic “95 Thesis” was an invitation to debate the issue of indulgences with his fellow clerics. A Catholic envoy called Johann Tetzel had begun issuing pardons in exchange for money in Luther’s beloved Germany. For the appropriate sum a person could purchase a written pardon for their personal sins. In like fashion they could also secure the release of a dead relative's soul from purgatory.

In seeking to challenge and debate the matter with his fellow churchmen, Luther had no idea what would ultimately ensue. We cannot say that Luther’s action was totally insignificant, yet we might argue it was seemingly so compared to the titanic consequences of so small an act! For this reason we must never rush to judgment in declaring certain things as insignificant. Though perhaps seemingly so at first, time will reveal the true magnitude of their impact. The fact that we enjoy the civil and religious freedoms of 21st century America can all be traced to the Protestant reformation that Luther ignited in 1517. Within days the scratchings of this Catholic monk were copied, translated, printed, and distributed across the countries of Europe. The rest is indeed history; but it is a history that is still being written and quickly headed toward its full and final significance - the ultimate and total victory of true Protestant Christianity over every organization and doctrine not founded on The Word of God.

With the end so close it behooves us to “Ponder the path of [our] feet.” Proverbs 4:26. Small, seemingly insignificant discrepancies in our spiritual lives can lead to significant and dreadful consequences farther down the road. Every action yields a harvest of some kind. Perhaps a harvest out of all proportion to the small seeds initially sown. This principle should be self evident and need no further elaboration … except to say it is a powerful principle to also keep in mind when seeking to do what’s right and good. For example, we might defer doing certain things because we underestimate their potential for good. Yet the Bible tells us to “Sow beside all waters.” Isaiah 32:20. Ecclesiastes 11:1 also declares, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.” Martin Luther didn't have to wait many days to see an unbelievable harvest spring forth from his challenge to indulgences. It's like that for us sometimes. Results come sooner than expected. But what about the things we do for God that seem to get little or no traction? What about the little things we do and then forget because we consider them too insignificant to even remember? But God never forgets! And to Him a seed sown; however small, is still that from which He can produce a harvest that might astound you one day.

Somebody once dropped a tiny Bible tract on a street in England about 50 years ago. They most likely forgot about this after some time. Perhaps they had previously put it into the hand of someone who in turn threw it down into the gutter. Who knows? The important outcome was that I saw it, picked it up, and read it. To this day I remember it saying that life is short and asking what path was I taking in mine? Assuming correctly that I was on the road to perdition it concluded with an appeal to seek God's mercy and turn from my life of sin. Who would have guessed that an insignificant looking little tract in the gutter would speak to the heart of the lost young man that I was? That, among with other seemingly insignificant little workings of Divine providence finally led to my baptism sometime later.

But let us not forget that God often works His miraculous providences through human instruments that are willing to do the seemingly insignificant little things that He gives them to do. A little word spoken in season to a weary soul. A book dropped on a stranger’s doorstop. A tract left on a car windshield in the Safeway parking lot. Small and soon forgotten? Perhaps. But never underestimate the seemingly insignificant that you do to God's glory and for the blessing of others. There will be many in heaven because some “little something” first caught their attention one day in this life; that seemingly insignificant “little something” that proved sufficient to touch their hearts and direct their feet into the path of life. And you will rejoice to see some there because you paused for one priceless moment down here to do what others thought too small and unimportant to do for God!

Mike Thompson, Associate Pastor


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