DNA Made Me Do It

A young man stood before the judge, who had just sentenced him for ten years in prison.  When asked if he had anything to say, the criminal said he did.  As he approached the bench he said, “Judge how can you in good conscience sentence me to jail?  It’s not fair.” 

The judge dropped his reading glasses to the end of his nose, looked down at the defendant and asked, “It’s not?”  “No!” asserted the defendant.  “Okay.” said the judge, “Explain it to me.”  “It’s because,” replied the man edging even closer, “from the moment I was born, from my family, from my genes, from my upbringing, from my environment, from my friends – everything predetermined me to a life of crime through no choice of my own.  I couldn’t have turned out any differently.  I’m not any more responsible for my actions than water is for flowing down stream.  I had no choice in any of the things I did.”

The judge sat there silent, pondering.  After a few moments, he leaned forward, and speaking directly into the young man’s face he said, “Well son, I’ll tell you how I can sentence you to ten years in prison.  From the moment I was born, from my family, my genes, my upbringing, my environment – everything that ever happened in my life has forced me, from no choice of my own, to sentence you to these ten years.”  With that the judge slammed down his gavel, and the police officer took the prisoner away.

The story does pose a dilemma.  Are we, like the young man, destined to an inevitable end through no choice of our own, or do we have the ability to decide how we live our lives and choose the things we will do?  Are we totally captive to powerful forces so that everything we do – from what we eat for breakfast to whom we love – are not really free choices but the outcome of our heredity and environment?  Are our “free choices” actually as predetermined as our DNA?  Are we organic robots...

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This Week (April 30 to May 5):

• Tuesday @ 10:00 AM – Women’s Bible Study

• Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Prayer Meeting with Pastor Fred Dana

• Wednesday @ 7:00 PM – Spanish Prayer Meeting  

This Sabbath (May 6): @ 9:00 AM: Morning Manna with Silvia Ballesteros / @ 9:30 AM: Central Study Hour with Pastor Chris Buttery + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School Classes / @ 10:50 AM: Worship Service with Pastor Chris Buttery / @ 1:00 PM: Fellowship Lunch / 2:00 PM: Discipleship University

Upcoming Events

Week of Prayer. All are welcome to join us for this year’s Week of Prayer starting Monday, May 8 at 7 PM and running through Friday night. Justin Montero will share inspiring testimonies from his life. Justin was sentenced to 21 years in jail at the age of 24, but God had other plans. Hear his story of redemption and his firm trust in God. 

Church-Wide Potluck & Ministry Fair.  Join us Sabbath, May 27 for an all-day fellowship and ministry experience as we conduct our annual Church-Wide Fellowship Lunch along with our annual Ministry Fair. Bring a dish and dessert to share and plan to visit the various ministry booths to know how you can get involved with the work of the church. Bring your walking shoes, because right afterwards Light Sacramento begins and we’d love to see you come out as we share truth-filled literature with our neighbors.

Light Sacramento! Join us Sabbath afternoon after the Ministry Fair for Light Sacramento! Bring your walking shoes as we share truth-filled literature with our neighbors. This is something everyone can do. For more information contact JeAnn Davis @ (209) 200-6138.

Upcoming International Festival on June 25 will celebrate the diversity of our church. There will be food, fun, and fellowship from Noon to 5 PM. Plan to showcase your most yummy vegetarian ethnic dish. Feel free to dress in clothing that reflects your roots. Plan to fly your national flag in our Parade of Nations. Please contact Amanda Armstrong at amandaj.pauly@gmail.com if you would like your culture represented.

Family Matters

New Office Secretary. We wish to extend a warm welcome to Diana Michaelson as the church’s newly appointed office secretary. Diana and her family have a long history with Central. Diana will be taking the place of Lorrie Dana who recently stepped down from this position. Now we have two Diana M’s working in the office! 

May 6 Launch Date. It’s not long now until Operation Joash kicks off. To learn more please visit https://zqh.orf.mybluehost.me/saccentral/operation-joash/


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