Around in Circles

Ever found yourself at the same place you were earlier, wondering how you got there?  We’ve all had those times when we were lost (some prefer to say “misplaced”) and we drove past the same spot repeatedly in an attempt to get where we needed to be.  We’ve also had those life learning experiences where we go over the same ground because we didn’t quite “get it” the first time.  

When we used to live in rural Pennsylvania we were surrounded by all types of wonderful and wild creatures.  One thing you don’t do is put the trash bag outside the side door and leave it there overnight thinking you’ll put it in the bin the next morning.  I won’t let in on who made that error with destructive consequences, and then not having learned his lesson the first time, made the same mistake and found a royal mess outside to clean up the morning of July 4th!  Suffice to say he (or should I say “I” and confess to it?) won’t be making that mistake again! I really don’t wonder anymore why God uses drastic measures to get our attention, especially when it comes to eternal

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This Week (July 4 to 9): 

• Tuesday @ 10:00 AM – Women’s Bible Study

• Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Prayer Meeting with Pastor Andrew Vargas

• Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - Spanish Group Prayer Meeting

• Various L.I.F.E. groups (in-home small group Bible studies) take place across Sacramento. To locate one near you contact our small groups’ coordinator, Richard Anger @ (916) 681-3990

• Sabbath @ 9:00 AM – Morning Manna – JeAnn Davis

• Sabbath @ 9:30 AM – Central Study Hour with Pastor Fred Dana + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School Classes

• Sabbath @ 10:50 AM – Worship Service with Elder Lincoln Steed, Editor, Liberty Magazine

• Sabbath @ 1:00 PM – Guest Fellowship Lunch

• Sabbath @ 1:00 PM – Men/Women’s Ministry Luncheon

• Sabbath @ 2:00 PM – Let Freedom Ring! – Elder Lincoln Steed & Dennis Seaton

• Sabbath @ 4:00 PM – Light Sacramento!

Upcoming Events

Agape Communion: Please note that an Agape Communion is scheduled for this coming Friday, July 8 at 6:30 PM in the Camellia Room. We hope to see many of you join us!

Let Freedom Ring! Liberty Magazine editor, Lincoln Steed, will be joining us Sabbath, July 9 for church, and will stay for a Q&A in the afternoon regarding current religious liberty trends in the light of Bible prophecy. Dennis Seaton, with the Church-State Council, will be joining him.

New Prayer Meeting Theme: Do you know what important event happened in 1844? Do you know how Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the Bible developed and who discovered these wonderful truths? What does 1844 mean to you? Come to prayer meeting Tuesday nights and enjoy our story.

Light Sacramento! Central’s signature event for all, continues Sabbath, July 9 and will continue every 2nd and 4th Sabbath. Because Lincoln Steed will be joining us on July 9, Light Sacramento! will start at 4PM (we will resume the 2PM time on the 23rd).

Vacation Bible School is July 11-15, from 5 PM to 8 PM right here at Sacramento Central. Children ages 0-12 are invited to join the fun this summer! Click here to learn more.

Ministry Opportunities

Cooling Center Site: We have decided to open up a small space on campus as a cooling center during periods of high temps over the summer months for those more susceptible to the effects of increased heat – homeless, seniors, medically fragile, etc. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to be monitors on certain days during 11 AM to 5 PM for this project. Please call or email the church office if you are interested.

Garden Ministry needs some “die-hard” weeders to separate the “wheat from the tares” on the church grounds. No qualifications or previous experience needed. Come as you are. Open hours. Water provided.

Family Matters

Welcome! We warmly welcome Helen Lalich and Les Moore who recently transferred their membership to Central church. We’re so glad you’re a part of our church family.

Pictorial Directory: Photos of members/families have been extended through July 9. To have your photo taken, please meet in front of the church doors immediately following services to have one of the photographers take your picture. We are no longer using sign-up sheets.

Looking for Room to Rent & Car: This came in from one of our members: “We are looking for a place to live where it is relatively quiet, has basic functioning facilities for three people (mother, sister and myself), and open to accommodating a pet (we have a small mixed breed female dog -- though this is not essential as we'll find her a loving home if it is necessary). Willing to pay $6-700/month.

“Additionally, I am looking for a new car as the one I currently own is in bad shape. Anyone who has a vehicle they are looking to part with can contact me at (669) 350-9673 or through email at RLAllen86@gmail.com, so we can discuss price and payment.

Looking for Room to Rent: Mother and college-aged daughter looking for house or rooms to rent in local Sacramento area (Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Auburn, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, and Newcastle). No pets, Very quiet company. Mother works full-time, daughter is a full-time student going for nursing. one enclosed garage spot would be ideal, but not necessary. Please contact Karen at (916)501-6143. Call is okay, text is preferred due to working hours. If no answer, please leave a voicemail.

Consider Adventist Education: It’s that time of year for parents to start thinking about the next school year. Student Financial Aid applications are available at the Hostess Desk in the foyer of the church and in the main office during the week for Central members only. Please contact Pastor Michael if you have any questions regarding the application at (916) 292-2176.

Sacramento Central Prayer Ministry has conference calls open to the entire church twice daily, at 5:30 AM and 7 PM, for approximately 30 minutes. If you happen to log in during the prayer time, please do not say your name. Call 712.770.4010, access code: 361097.

Watch us Live Stream! Every Sabbath we live stream our Sabbath School class (Central Study Hour) and worship service. If you live in a different time zone or can’t make it to your local church, go to www.saccentral.org, click on the “Live Stream” button in the middle of the screen and join us at 9:35 AM for an uplifting, Christ-centered experience!

Every Sabbath we live stream our Sabbath School class (Central Study Hour) and worship service. If you live in a different time zone or can’t make it to your local church, go to www.saccentral.org, click on the “Live Stream” button in the middle of the screen and join us at 9:35 AM for an uplifting, Christ-centered experience!

News & Events From Elsewhere

AFCOE Student Looking for Room to Rent: Jack Toke and his wife Amy and their two young sons are missionaries to the Karen people in Thailand.  Jack is the director of the only training school focused specifically on reaching the Karen.  He is desirous of receiving more training so that he can train others in personal evangelism so he is coming to AFCOE this fall.  Because they are self-supported missionaries, they don't have the finances to make this happen.  AFCOE is donating Jack's educational fees and friends in Australia are providing Jack and his family funds to fly here; however, Jack and Amy are still trying to find a place for their family while they are here for 4 months of training.  If anyone has a mother-in-law apartment (or something similar) that they can rent for a small fee please contact Chuck Holtry at Amazing Facts (540-661-2080).  

Urgent call for dental and vision care medical professionals – You are needed at the next Your Best Pathway to Health clinic to be held on July 13 to 16, 2016, in Beckley, WV in the heart of Appalachia. Donations are also being accepted. Sign up today, and share with friends/colleagues.

West Virginia has asked the Adventist Church to help oversee the distribution of aid to those affected by devastating floods recently that killed at least 23 people and left thousands homeless. "The area was in dire need prior to the event. This storm compounds that," said Minnie McNeil, a senior Adventist Community Services (ACS) officer. Click here to learn more.

Orangevale Adventist School is offering an affordable extended care summer program for children ages 6 to 10. The program is available June 13 to August 5. Hours are Mondays to Thursdays 7AM to 6PM and Fridays 7AM to 5PM. For more information, contact Gina Wilmot at 916-591-4411.




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SALT 365. Watch SALT 365, It Is Written's free online evangelism training. In this week's video presentation, SALT instructor Michelle Doucoumes, shares the nuts and bolts of conducting a Bible study, including how to prepare, how long to stay, what to cover during the study, and how to use your Bible study lessons in the most effective way!  Watch here - https://vimeo.com/171589603 

Be Inspired 

The Least of These: This mobile shower is giving the homeless a place to wash with dignity. What can we do to help those around us in need?

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