The High Cost of Anger

Just off the coast of Massachusetts the sailors in a small schooner felt a terrible shock. Could they have hit a hidden reef?  Rushing to the side of the ship where the impact was felt, they saw a huge swordfish preparing for another attack. Swimming far out, the angry fish turned and headed for the hull of the ship with all his might. The small craft shuddered as his weapon hit.  Most swordfish weigh about 250 pounds and average seven feet in length. Big ones measure from ten to fifteen feet, weighing from six hundred to eight hundred pounds. You can imagine the terrific wallop this big battering ram made.

This usually peaceful fish was so angry that he tried to pierce the hull with his long, flattened, sword-like upper jaw. Quickly sailors manned a boat and harpooned the attacker. His sharp-edged upper jaw, half the size of his long round body, was badly hurt. Both of his eyes were gone. Had he not been caught he couldn’t have lived from the wounds that he had inflicted upon himself in his angry attacks on the small sailing vessel.

Don’t condemn the silly swordfish for destroying himself, for whenever you display anger, resentment, bitterness, or envy you are ruining your health. Poisonous stress hormones produced in your body make you tired. Anger can cause severe headaches or pain in other parts of the body. Doctors state that 60 to 90 percent of all illness is emotionally induced. Your anger takes away your enjoyment of life, for you can’t think clearly or enjoy life when anger controls your thoughts.

Job 5:2 says, “Wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the silly one.” The Jerusalem Bible puts it this way. “Resentment kills the senseless, and anger brings death to the fool.” No one likes to be called a fool or be told they are silly or senseless, but isn’t Job’s appraisal right on? Losing self-control has consequences. Friendships can be damaged or ended, or family members may stop getting together or even communicating. Words may be spoken that leave wounds that are never forgotten.

Sometimes physical altercations may leave injuries or send someone to the ER. Sometimes loss of self-control requires one to get a new address to live with others that may have the same problem.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the source of strength for self-control. We must have a vital connection with God to be victorious. (If anger and resentment are not your particular problem, what other area of your life do you need greater self-control? Think about it.) If we don’t listen to Jesus we will pay the high price of anger now and lose heaven too. It’s too late for that swordfish to learn self-control, but it’s not too late for us

Pastor Fred Dana




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Forever One Marriage Retreat, with Drs. Pamela and Claudio Consuegra (English), and Drs. Cesar and CarolAnn De Leon (Spanish), will be conducted September 16 to 18, at the La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa in Montgomery, TX. Early bird registration is June 30. Visit http://www.beforeverone.org/ to receive more information.




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Shadow Empire: Starting April 28, through a four-part event called Shadow Empire, thousands of people will explore this fascinating subject as revealed through the Bible, in addition to a source that illustrates the topic perfectly: the life of the Emperor Constantine. This series is hosted by Voice of Prophecy Speaker, Director, Shawn Boonstra, who recently traveled to countries such as Serbia, Italy, and Turkey to make history come to life and reveal little-known details about this historical figure.  Boonstra was even granted rare access to a major archeological dig site, on the location believed to be one of Constantine's homes.  To learn more about hosting this event in your home, click here. To watch the trailer, visit http://www.shadowempire.com/

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