How Does Heaven See Us?

Who is the real you? Surely, God knows the real you. Don’t you think that your guardian angel can see the real you as well? Angels can’t read our thoughts as God can, but they do see us in every situation.

There is no human being that sees us in every situation. Angels can’t be fooled about us like people can; even the closest people. As a pastor, most church members see me at my best, and many church members only show their best to their pastor and most of the other members. We let just a few people see more of who we really are. Of course, God knows us better than we know ourselves. I’m pretty sure the angels also know us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes parents know their children better than the children know themselves, but other times the parents hardly have a clue.

In my years as a teacher, there were times that I was amazed at how some children had fooled their parents. I’ve seen the same in marriage counseling as well. A spouse can often predict what’s going on with their partner, but sometimes be baffled. Angels who have never sinned might be baffled in some ways trying to understand human choices, but as I wrote above, they can’t be fooled about us like people can, including parents and spouses. So how does heaven see us?

Does heaven evaluate us by how sweet and kind we can be with our fellow members for two or more hours on Sabbath? That would bode well for many of us because we are pretty good at that. It’s not that hard to be a nice person for a few hours for most of us. What’s a better barometer of who we really are? God has actually already told us. “Just as you conduct yourself in your home life, you are registered in the books of heaven. He who would be a saint in heaven must first become a saint in his own family.” (Adventist Home, p. 317)

Wow! If your friends (work associates, fellow church members, etc.) like you better than your own children do, something is definitely wrong. Being grouchy or self-centered with your spouse or children totally blows one’s credibility as a Christian. Heaven sees it as it is, more clearly than we can see it ourselves. 

“The measure of your Christianity is gauged by the character of your home life. The grace of Christ enables its possessors to make the home a happy place, full of peace and rest. Unless you have the Spirit of Christ, you are none of His.” (Child Guidance, p. 481. See also Romans 8:9)

If this brings you under heavy conviction, don’t fight against it. Agree with God, and let the Spirit work repentance into your soul. Don’t give up in discouragement. God has solutions. If it makes you desirous to be a better parent or spouse, that’s a good thing. That’s the Spirit’s work as well. We should always be seeking spiritual, emotional, and character growth. 

“If you have failed in your duty to your families, confess your sins before God. Gather your children about you and acknowledge your neglect. Tell them that you desire to bring about a reformation in the home, and ask them to help you to make the home what it ought to be….Pray with them.” (Child Guidance p. 557)  “When you take up the cross and follow Christ, when you bring your lives into conformity to the will of God, your children will be converted.” (Review and Herald, 7-15-1902)

If heaven sees your Christianity is true at home, so will your children, and probably your spouse also. 

Pastor Fred Dana



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