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01 – James, The Lord’s Brother
02 – The Perfecting Of Our Faith
03 – Enduring Temptation
04 – Being & Doing
05 – Love & The Law

For twenty years we have partnered with Amazing Facts to bring viewers like you this special program. Since September 13, 2014 we have been going it alone. Here’s what’s been happening and how you can get involved:
With Pastor Doug Batchelor’s decision to step down as senior pastor of Central earlier in 2014 to lead the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church (a church plant of Central) and the future forging of a coalition between the Granite Bay Church and Amazing Facts meant that someday Amazing Facts would eventually leave Central to begin its new venture. September 6, 2014 was that day. Amazing Facts is now producing its own Sabbath School. You are still able to view previous Central Study Hour programs by going here.
Under the leadership of our new senior pastor, Chris Buttery, and the terrific team of volunteers here at Central, it was decided to continue providing Central Study Hour as a Bible Study resource for our viewers. With the inevitable departure of all Amazing Facts filming and studio equipment this meant that we would have to invest in our very own. Not too long ago we acquired that equipment. September 13 we produced our very first program with that equipment. We still need to pay for it however. We are over half-way toward reaching our goal of $75,000. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. You can go here to invest in the future of Christ-centered programming produced by Central.
All Central Study Hour programs filmed and recorded from September 13 forward will be archived right here soon. We are so glad that we can continue to provide this essential program for you.

Enduring Temptation

Pastor Chris Head Shot for Sermon Manager

October 18, 2014 ()

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