Message: “Wonder Of The World: The Body, Bride & Brood (4 of 6)” from Pastor Chris Buttery

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 01/23/2016

Wonder Of The World: The Body, Bride & Brood (4 of 6)

For some there is nothing more important than wha's happening in the stock market. For others there's nothing more important than knowing who will win the Republican or Democratic primary races, or being assured that we will be protected from terrorism, or discovering what talent the final season of American Idol will produce. If we were to ask God what is more important to Him than anything else, what do you suppose He would say? Find out the answer to this important question inPastor Chris Buttery's fourth installment in this series.

Scripture References: Ephesians 1:4

From Series: "Wonder Of The World"

Pastor Chris talks about God's church.

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