Message: “The Whole Truth: Proud or Humble? (6 of 12)” from Pastor Chris Buttery

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 07/04/2015

The Whole Truth: Proud or Humble? (6 of 12)

What is pride? What is humility? Genuine pride can be experienced in sentiments of satisfaction for a job well done or in your children or grandchildren. The pride the Bible warns us of however is very different. It involves placing a higher estimation on yourself that you ought to. Equally dangerous is false humility, a self-depreciating mentality that underestimates what a person is in Christ. How can a person find the middle of road, and what does any of this have to do with Paul's liberating statement, "I am what I am by the grace of God"? Find out in this week's exciting presentation withPastor Chris Buttery.

From Series: "The Whole Truth"

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