Message: “The Book Of Matthew: Resting In Christ (6 of 13)” from Pastor Chris Buttery

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 04/16/2016

The Book Of Matthew: Resting In Christ (6 of 13)

Life today is rushed, exciting – and exhausting. We are constantly urged to go now, see now, buy now, enjoy now. After all, as the advertisers tell us, we have just one chance in a lifetime and we'd better grab all we can. However, after a few years of grabbing, getting, going, seeing, buying, we can begin to feel rushed, battered and disappointed. The inevitable payback comes along; burnout, debts, poor health, depression, loss of interest in life, and spiritual deflation. When you're rushed you need time to rest. Jesus offer of rest involves both physical and spiritual rest.  We'll explore these both in this week's lesson withPastor Chris Buttery.

Scripture References: Matthew 11:28

From Series: "The Book of Matthew"

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