Message: “The Book Of Matthew: Jesus’ Last Days (12 of 13)” from Pastor Mike Thompson

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 05/07/2016

The Book Of Matthew: Idols Of The Soul (& Other Lessons From Jesus) (9 of 13)

One thing we all have in common is we are, in a large sense, the product of our cultures, and these to a large degree shape our values, beliefs, and attitudes. When we come face to face with Christianity and its claims on our life, we learn that the culture of heaven is very different from the culture of the world that we are each accustomed to. The Bible's values, morals, and standards are often opposed to the values and morals of our society. How do we overcome the pull to be squeezed into the world's mold? Learn more in this week's lesson withPastor Chris Buttery.

Scripture References: Matthew 18:1

From Series: "The Book of Matthew"

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