Message: “Rebellion And Redemption: Crisis in Heaven (1 of 13)” from Pastor Fred Dana

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Pastor Fred Dana - 12/12/2015

Rebellion And Redemption: Crisis in Heaven (1 of 13)

The mark of the beast issue represents the culmination of the great battle between good and evil which began in heaven when a jealous angel coveted the place of God. He wanted rulership, leadership, and the worship that belonged only to God. The drama of the ages will be brought to a close over this issue, and it will show whether people have chosen Christ or antichrist, as master.  It will reveal whether we have truly given our hearts to Jesus, and how highly we value heaven. You don't want to miss this vital message presented byPastor Chris Buttery.

Scripture References: Revelation 7:10

From Series: "Rebellion And Redemption"

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