Message: “Rebellion And Redemption: Comrades in Arms (8 of 13)” from Pastor Chris Buttery

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Pastor Chris Buttery - 01/30/2016

Rebellion And Redemption: Comrades in Arms (8 of 13)

Christ didn't fight the battle with the prince of darkness alone. He called twelve men to His side who were to be His disciples, His comrades, His friends. But as we well know, they weren't the most likeliest group of men the Captain of salvation would gather to Himself. They had deep flaws. They often didn't get along. Do we see ourselves in the disciples? Are we faulty? Do we have room to grow? Certainly. And through their lives we can learn to endure like good soldiers as well. Discover how in this week's lesson withPastor Chris Buttery.

Scripture References: Luke 24:32

From Series: "Rebellion And Redemption"

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