Dear friends.

We are excited to announce a new addition to our ministry team here at Sacramento Central.

For over a year now we have been praying and searching for someone who could come along side our youth and young adults to encourage and equip them in their walk with God.

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, our Church Board voted unanimously to invite Candice Tuazon to join Central’s staff. On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the Northern California Conference ADCO gladly confirmed that decision. This past Sabbath we introduced Candice and Michael to our church family.

Candice comes to us with a rich background in working with young people. For ten years she served as educator at SOULS West (an Adventist leadership and soul-winning training school for young people in the Pacific Union Conference), teaching education, speech, magabook leadership, marriage & family, music intensives, English labs, choir, website, and life skills classes. She also served as a summer magabook leader for just as long, providing encouragement, support, and training to young people. Candice also has experience as a summer camp counselor, campus ministry leader, and a Bible Worker.

Candice is married to Michael Tuazon. Michael is currently COO for Beautiful Minds Medical, Inc. in Auburn, CA. They both love young people and enjoy seeing them not only grow in their walk with God, but also embrace a life of active service to help others get ready for the return of Jesus.

Although we first began searching for a Youth-Young Adult Pastor to join the team, it became clear to us that God was leading us in a slightly different direction. Because pastors are required to be ordained as elders in order to perform ordinances of the church, both Central and Candice preferred another option. And because Candice’s desire is to work with young people and not take on those “elder” responsibilities, we decided to bring Candice on as a leader (not a minister) to work with our youth and young adults (her title through the NCC is Youth-Young Adult Bible Worker).

Candice's responsibilities are extensive. As a part of Central's ministry team, her role includes:

• Offering Bible, discipleship, and baptismal classes for Central's young people.

• Developing ministry and witnessing opportunities for youth and young adults.

• Planning annual mission trips for youth and young adults.

• Providing spiritual development of Central’s youth and young adults.

• Visiting youth, young adults, and their families—members and non-members.

• Facilitating uplifting and fun social activities.

• Supporting Sabbath School leaders and teachers.

• Supporting Adventurer & Pathfinder/Adventist Junior Youth leaders.

• Supporting Adventist education, teachers, and students.

• Supporting Adventist Campus Ministries.

• Encouraging the general in-reach and outreach of Sacramento Central.

• Preaching for the occasional worship services.

Candice is hired to work with us on a ¾ time basis.

We are so thankful for how God led Candice to be a part of our team. We believe that God will do wonderful things through her as she labors among our young people and their families (and beyond). Thank you for making both Candice and Michael feel right at home here with our church family.

May God continue to bless our church so we can be a blessing to Sacramento and beyond.

Central Pastors


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