Dealing with Racism and Prejudice

The recent killings between police officers and black men in cities like Baton Rouge, Dallas, and St. Paul have raised people’s levels of anxiety everywhere. Add to that, the increasing numbers of violent terrorist attacks in western nations and the fear, anger, and hatred is becoming truly frightening. Are Christians going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

It doesn’t seem that there is much that you or I can do about the racism and prejudice in our world. The truth is that until a person has really tried to understand how people feel on all sides, he or she will be part of the problem, at least passively. One is unlikely to be part of the solution without gaining an understanding for people that are different from him or herself. So, what does God expect us to do about it? Our world is in such a mess that it is overwhelming to think of all that needs to be fixed. Are we to just do nothing and wait for Jesus to come? Surely, it will all be fixed then, praise be to God, but isn’t there something we are to do before Jesus comes?

As Christians we know that only the love of Jesus can solve these problems; however, much of the world doesn’t have the right idea of Jesus and consequently rejects Him. We are to share who Jesus really is with those who are open to see it. That’s been the major part of the Gospel Commission for almost 2,000 years. Does knowing Jesus break down the walls of racism and prejudice? Yes! Has that happened in the history of Christianity? Has it broken down those walls today? We are forced to admit that it’s not as it should be. Why? Don’t Christians know Jesus?

In the days of the apostles, Christians were struggling to break out of the prejudice and racism between Jews and Gentiles. Paul tried hard without complete success to break those walls down. Racism and prejudice are nearly as old as sin itself. It seems that to get rid of racism and prejudice that we have to get rid of sin, doesn’t it? God’s remnant people for the last days have to do better than the generations before us, don’t we?

While we cannot fix racism and prejudice nationally or even regionally, we can live out the song that the pastors sang this past Sabbath, “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” If we each love as Jesus loved, by the grace of God the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church can be a model of racial harmony, a light in our community of a Christianity that actually works in every way with real life issues.

Our church has a wonderful racial diversity that makes such a model a possible reality. How can we expand our understanding for each another? I would like to dialogue with anyone with positive ideas. This seems to be an opportune time to shine as a “light to the world” as Jesus said we should. What would Jesus have us to do at this time?  “These things I command you, that you love one another.” (John 15:17)

Fred Dana, Associate Pastor



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