We’ve all known people who have mixed up priorities. We shake our heads about the woman so devoted to television soaps that she will not answer the phone or her doorbell when she’s watching them. Sometimes we ourselves may struggle with misplaced priorities with the internet, following sports, time devoted to reading novels, or watching TV. What should be our highest priorities? What is most worthy of our time? What will actually most improve the quality of our lives?

Regardless of their background, most people would agree that family, work, and health are three of the biggest priorities of life. If you were to rank them in order of importance, family might make #1 with work as #2. Being taken for granted, health would likely rank #3 for the younger, but rank first or second for the retired person. It would be easy to say Family is #1 but live as if work really is. The irony is that one of the main reasons we work is to provide food, a home, clothing, and education for the family that we love, but then work itself can easily become so important that we end up neglecting the family, not being there for them, missing key experiences of life.

Many are familiar with this struggle. At your stage of life how would you rank these three? Are your life choices, time, and attention consistent with your ranking?

What other high priorities could you add to those three mentioned above? Education, Financial management, and friendships may rank pretty high.  As a Christian what other major priorities would you want to include with the top three? We would actually have a different top priority, wouldn’t we? We know that an experience with God should be our first priority. Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you,” Matthew 6:33.

Jesus was saying that if you put him first; family, work, health, and everything else, will all go much better. That’s why the first commandment is, “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me.” It’s because no one else can take care of us like he can! So we can say, “Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God,” 1 Corinthians 10:31. God created us, loves us, and deserves our praise, devotion, worship, and obedience.

However, when Jesus was asked which was the greatest commandment he gave two answers. First, He said we should love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. No surprise there, right? But he included a second priority. He said we needed to love our neighbor as much as we care about ourselves (Mark 12:28-31).  When a lawyer asked, “And who is my neighbor,” Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan to show that it includes anybody that needs help (Luke 10:29-37). It could be a stranger, your literal neighbor, a church member, or even one of your own family or a relative. Do people in all of these categories need our help? How many are floundering in their lives because they don’t know Jesus?

One reason the church exists is to provide organized ways to reach out to the people (our neighbors) of Sacramento. We sometimes call it “the Gospel Commission.” When we love God, when we choose to love our neighbor as ourselves, we choose to “Light Sacramento.” What does it mean when we ignore these opportunities? Hopefully, those who are, are reaching out or are engaged in ministry in other ways. This is a high priority of the kingdom of God. Is it a high priority for you? How are you loving your neighbor as yourself?   

Fred Dana, Associate Pastor



This Week (June 20 to 25): 

• Tuesday @ 10:00 AM – Women’s Bible Study

• Tuesday @ 7:00 PM – Prayer Meeting with Pastor Fred Dana

• Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - Spanish Group Prayer Meeting

• Various L.I.F.E. groups (in-home small group Bible studies) take place across Sacramento. To locate one near you contact our small groups’ coordinator, Richard Anger @ (916) 681-3990

• Sabbath @ 9:00 AM – Morning Manna – Silvia Ballesteros

• Sabbath @ 9:30 AM – Central Study Hour with Pastor Mike Thompson + Children/Youth/Adult Sabbath School Classes

• Sabbath @ 10:50 AM – Worship Service with Drs. David DeRose & Greg Steinke

• Sabbath @ 1:00 PM – Guest Fellowship Lunch

• Sabbath @ 1:00 PM – Small Group Ministry Luncheon

• Sabbath @ 2:00 PM – Light Sacramento!

Upcoming Events

Light Sacramento! continues Sabbath, June 18. Bring a change of clothes, walking shoes, and a dish to share for fellowship lunch, and join us in the Camellia Room for a short presentation on practical evangelism before lighting Sacramento! All are invited to join. 

Spiritual Health: Neglected Dimensions: Medical research reveals that spirituality is a powerful, but often neglected, resource when it comes to natural healing strategies. Drs. DeRose and Steinke will present a one-hour presentation on this topic for the divine worship service on Sabbath, June 25. Attendees will receive an overview of the connections between spirituality and health, but, more importantly, they will learn eight timeless spiritual prescriptions for health and wholeness.  The doctors’ lively, dialogue-format presentation will feature Christian principles, but will present them in a way that appeals to people from any spiritual walk.  Don’t miss this opportunity to join us—and to invite your friends. 

About the presenters: David DeRose, MD, MPH is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine with a Master in Public Health degree emphasizing Health Promotion and Health Education. In addition to his active clinical work, DeRose is a syndicated radio host, popular lecturer, and published medical researcher.  Greg Steinke, MD, MPH is a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist with board-certifications in Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine. His MPH emphasized Public Health Nutrition. Dr. Steinke has helped many patients reverse their chronic diseases through lifestyle-based approaches.

Teen Day Camp is just around the corner, from June 27 to July 1! We will have a great time serving in the morning and in the afternoon we will be going swimming, river rafting, hiking etc. Please contact Pastor Michael if you have any questions. More information to follow next week.

Healthy Plate Presents: “Controlling Your Blood Pressure Naturally” Monday, June 27 at 7 PM in the Chapel. All are welcome!

Agape Communion: Please note that an Agape Communion is scheduled Friday, July 8 at 6:30 PM in the Camellia Room. We hope to see many of you join us!

Family Matters

Cooling Center Site: We have decided to open up a small space on campus as a cooling center during periods of high temps over the summer months for those more susceptible to the effects of increased heat – homeless, seniors, medically fragile, etc. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to be monitors on certain days during 11 AM to 5 PM for this project. Please call or email the church office if you are interested.

Say Cheese! Photos of members/families are still being taken on Sabbath afternoons only through the end of June. To have your photo taken, please meet outside the front of the church starting at 1:15 PM to have one of the photographers take your picture. We are no longer using sign-up sheets. Thank you!

Consider Adventist Education: It’s that time of year for parents to start thinking about the next school year. Student Financial Aid applications are available at the Hostess Desk in the foyer of the church and in the main office during the week for Central members only. Please contact Pastor Michael if you have any questions regarding the application at (916) 292-2176.

Sacramento Central Prayer Ministry has conference calls open to the entire church twice daily, at 5:30 AM and 7 PM, for approximately 30 minutes. If you happen to log in during the prayer time, please do not say your name. Call 712.770.4010, access code: 361097.

Looking for Room to Rent: Mother & college aged daughter looking for house or rooms to rent in local Sacramento area (Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Auburn, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, Newcastle). No pets, Very quiet company. Mother works full time, daughter is a full time student going for nursing.1 inclosed garage spot would be ideal, but not necessary. Please contact Karen at (916)501-6143. Call is okay, text is preferred due to working hours. If no answer, please leave a voicemail.

Watch us Live Stream! Every Sabbath we live stream our Sabbath School class (Central Study Hour) and worship service. If you live in a different time zone or can’t make it to your local church, go to www.saccentral.org, click on the “Live Stream” button in the middle of the screen and join us at 9:35 AM for an uplifting, Christ-centered experience!

News & Events From Elsewhere

Coming to AFCOE. Need Room: "My husband Dave will be attending AFCOE July 28-Nov. 18. We would probably arrive a few days before just to get everything settled and leave Nov. 20. We are willing to pay $300 month for a room, which is negotiable. Thank you for any way you would be able to help. We know the Lord has a plan, we are just waiting to find out what it is!!" - Sonja and Dave Upham (healthforeternity@gmail.com)

Newstart, which is part of Weimar Institute, is having their 2016 Health Summit June 26-30. Speakers include Drs. Neil Nedley, Wes Youngburg, Brian Schwartz and Pr. Don MackIntosh. For further information, contact www.newstart.com/newstart/summit or call 530.422.7986.

Orangevale Adventist School is offering an affordable extended care summer program for children ages 6 to 10. The program is available June 13 to August 5. Hours are Mondays to Thursdays 7AM to 6PM and Fridays 7AM to 5PM. For more information, contact Gina Wilmot at 916-591-4411.




It Is Written hosts weekly webinars on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM EDT. June 7 topic is "Transitioning to a Sit-Down Study," presented by Michelle Doucoumes. Each webinar lasts 30 minutes. Each session is archived and available for viewing any time. Presenters include John Bradshaw, speaker/director; Greg Wilson; Dr. Alan Parker and many others. http://itiswrittenwebinars.com/

Is Jesus Kosher for Jews? Are Jesus and Judaism compatible? In this fascinating three-part series, three Jews—Doug Batchelor, Steve Wohlberg, and Jeff Zaremsky— discuss this controversial topic while sharing their remarkable personal journeys of faith. What they discovered is life-changing and worthy of your consideration.Order your copy here.

Be Inspired 

C.D. Brooks, innovative evangelist, longtime Breath of Life speaker/director, is remembered in a special article highlighting his life, faith, and career working for the Lord through the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Coverage includes testimonies, life timeline, and more. Read a full-length life sketch.

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