European Unity & Bible Prophecy, Part 1

I was 18 and remember the moment well.  I had recently made my decision to serve God and was poring over a Bible study lesson on the second chapter of Daniel.  Each verse I read engaged me as I learned about an ancient Babylonian king who was given a description and explanation of a troubling dream a God-fearing Hebrew youth had.  The details of this dream and its interpretation are impressive and important!

King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of a great image that had a head of fine gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet and toes of iron mixed with clay.  It was an imposing statue, which brought pride to the king when he realized his kingdom was symbolized by the head of gold.  But he became disappointed when he discovered that this prophecy described successive kingdoms that would rule after Babylon.  History confirms that the joint kingdom of Medo-Persia, pictured by the arms of silver, conquered Babylon in 538 BC.  Medo-Persia fell to Alexander the Great and his Greco-Macedonian Empire in 331 BC, depicted by the belly and thighs of brass.  But the Greeks were overthrown by the iron monarchy of Rome, which occurred in 168 BC.

Daniel’s prophecy didn’t end there ...

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From Buddhism to Adventism: Kok Tho Yip was a Zen meditator until he was 37 years old when he became a Seventh-day Adventist. Listen to his inspiring story here.

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